Sunday, November 18, 2012

Team Motivator

Hello All, My name is Shannon Harris. I have been involved in childcare for the last 23 years and now own my own center, ABC Academy LLC in Montgomery, ---Texas with approximately 230 children currently enrolled. I met Debbie Clement in Las Vegas and was immediately captivated by her and knew this was energy I wanted in my life. Debbie recently came to our area to conduct a full day “Lyrics to Literacy” training and we had some down time to visit. Debbie shared some of her ideas with me. I told her I loved her blog and would hope to see more management and infant blog post (I feel there is just not enough out there on those two topics). She invited me to write for her blog once a month, so, here I am!

So, this is it - my first EVER Blog POST… I have built my business by looking for “out of the box” ideas in every aspect of our center and team. We have recently started a new TEAM MOTIVATOR at our center. The idea behind it is that praise gets positive results. I believe that when the praise comes from peers and management it just makes for a happier center. So, how do we accomplish this? Well, I went and bought each classroom a cheap container, with a lid to avoid spills and little hands getting in the container; bought some small marshmallows…cheap, $1 a BIG bag at the dollar store … considered M&M’s but wow they are expensive (candy corn/seasonal candies and peanuts are good ideas too)!  Then made little baggies with the teacher’s names, a sticky to tally where they hand out the treats, and filled each baggie with 50 treats each. Then handed them out with this little note…


We are excited to announce our first Team Motivator – be the first to have your container filled from OTHER staff members outside your classroom for them seeing something wonderful being done in your classroom, on the playground, transitioning, helping others, etc.  – Administration will add to your containers too!  Winner gets an hour on the clock to go do whatever they like while Administration runs your classroom!!

Each staff member will be given a “baggie” of 50 items to use to fill other classroom containers.  You put 1 item in a classroom container each time you see them doing something wonderful!  Write down the class that you complimented with your item!    Classroom containers will be picked up at RANDOM!  There is no “cut-off” date or “due” date.  Items in containers will be counted and the winning teachers in that classroom will each get a “Get Out Of Your Classroom – 1 Hour Pass” from Administration! 

I decided to have them quickly tally which class they gave it to so that we could ensure they were not playing favorites and always giving to their “favorite” teacher. We really wanted it to be about building up each other and to get them to compliment some classes they may not otherwise take the time to do.

For an extra little twist, we gave Management Candy Corns to pass out and teachers Marshmallows so they could see the difference in their containers.

I am excited about writing this blog post monthly and hope you all find some value in seeing some administrative and infant content.

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  1. Welcome aboard, Shannon! I will pass these great ideas on to the directors at schools I work at!

  2. Welcome, Shannon! Great to ha e you sharing here with us!!!!! :)

  3. Welcome, Shannon! It's great to have you here! I don't work in a school any longer, but I'll especially look forward to to seeing your ideas about infants! :) Deb @

  4. Welcome and we are glad you are posting! Will look forward to what you write.


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