Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey!

Let’s talk turkey! It doesn't matter what grade you teach, there are many lessons that involve this funny bird. To start my lesson, I draw a turkey on a piece of art paper.  

Then, I let my kindergartners color it. This activity is good for students’ fine motor skills, and they take ownership of the project if they help create it.

What else can be done with this big bird? Use different colored sticky notes and label them with: colors, body parts, facts about turkeys, etc. The possibilities are endless! Large Thanksgiving pictures can be turned into interactive writing charts. For example, a Native American Indian, a teepee, and a pilgrim can be used to write about cultures, lifestyles, settings, and symbolism throughout your Thanksgiving unit.

Another holiday learning activity students enjoy the week before Thanksgiving break is to read aloud Monster Sandwich by Joy Cowley. Create a chart of items students want to place on their Monster Sandwich. Then, have students sign up to bring goodies for a “Thanksgiving Feast” to build a Monster Sandwich. 

Make sure students have jobs, such as cutting tomatoes, handing out plates, seating guests
Finally, feast as a group! I never thought I would share a six foot sandwich layered with cucumbers and a side of Cheetos, but my students loved this activity. 

The project is a great way to make a connection with the text while learning about pilgrims and Native American Indians. 

These Thanksgiving holiday learning activities will have your students using higher level thinking skills. Remember to give your students opportunities to expand on what they have learned and to apply concepts to real life for lasting connections. Students will be THANKFUL for your contributions to interactive learning!

Happy Thanksgiving! 
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