Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paper Spider Webs for Halloween

I am so pleased to be visiting this wonderful blog and Pre K and K resource from over at Red Ted Art. With  Halloween "Looming" I have a super simple paper spider web to share with you. It is very similar to the 6 pointed snowflake I have already done - so if you kid get the hang of it, you can come back to this near Christmas or in January for Winter crafts.


 Materials: one sheet of A4 paper and scissors. The trick about this craft is all in the "folding". I have "borrowed" our photos from the snowflake to share again:


1) You need a square piece of paper. If using an A4 piece of paper. Take one corner and fold it, so that you get a diagnoal crease. You should see a triangle, with a strip of paper left on the side. Trim of the strip. So you only have a triangle which, when opened, is square.
2) Take triangle and fold again, so you end up with a 2nd smaller triangle.
3) Imagine the top edge divides into three. If it helps, roughly mark out thirds. Fold one third in.
4) Fold the remaining third in. The neater (i.e. how accurate you get your thirds) you get this, the neater you final snowflake will be. If need be, redo it to adjust to perfect thirds. You want the 2nd fold to align neatly with the first one.
5) I trim the top off, as I find it distracting.


6) Now it is time to cut your spider web (or snowflake). Be sure to not cut along the "spine" of your triangle, else your spider web will fall apart.

Gently unfold and you are done!

Decorate the walls or windows with them. If you are after some Halloween Cookies, check out our fun Frankenstein Cookie Pops!

See you again soon!

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