Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making BOO! Fun

Making BOO! Fun
     Miss Carole here – with another fun song from Macaroni Soup!   
This is the season of Boo! and Aaaahhhh! and Gotcha! But it’s not nice to scare little children, right?  RIGHT!  
     So let’s have fun songs that deal with the elements of October’s tricking and treating holiday, without the fearfulness that some children experience with ghosts lurking around every corner and skeletons dangling in doorways.
    Let’s start with bats.  Last month I shared a great bat song,  “Bats are Sleeping”, which will be on my new cd when it’s released in about a month.  But remember – you don’t need the cd to do it – you probably know “Frere Jaques”, the tune, so you can just sing it. 
    Let’s supersize it – add another batty song, a book, and a craft idea.

THE SONG:  “BLACK BAT FARM”  (by me, c. 2002)
Tune:  “The Green Grass Grew All Around” – but in a minor key!
Supplies:  You can either draw the parts to the song on paper, or do it on a flannelboard.  Be sure to cut enough felt bats for everyone to put one on the board. 
You can hear the song at my website: http://www.macaronisoup.com/Songs/October2004.htm

There was a farm       (kids echo)
A spooky little farm    (echo)
The spookiest farm    (echo)
That you ever did see (echo)
A field's on the farm, the farm's full of spooks...BOO! 

And the black bats flew all around, all around
The black bats flew all around, oooohhhh!
The black bats flew all around, all around
The black bats flew all around. 
And in that field (echo) There is a vine (echo)
The creepiest vine (echo) That you ever did see (echo)
The VINE...Field...Farm...Spooks...BOO! 

And on that vine (echo) There is a pumpkin (echo)
The cutest little pumpkin (echo) That you ever did see (echo)
The pumpkin's on the VINE...Field...Farm...Spooks...BOO! 

And in that pumpkin (echo) There are some seeds (echo)
The slimiest seeds (echo) That you ever did see (echo)
The seeds are in the pumpkin... Vine...Field...Farm...Spooks...BOO! 

What to do:  This song can be done many ways, depending on the age and ability of the child.  With my older 3’s and 4’s, we first make a flannelboard story (see picture above), then listen and sing along with the cd.  Sometimes I draw a barn on paper.  I ask the children to add the bats, vine and pumpkin with markers.    
   As the children become familiar with the song, they can get up and fly around as bats, coming back to the rug to sing each verse.  If space is an issue, they can always remain seated and flap their “wings”.   

You can also do motions for the song:
Barn:  Trace a rectangle in the air with your pointer fingers
Vine:  Squiggle one pointer finger from overhead to the floor
Pumpkin:  Connect thumbs and pointers to make a circular object
Seeds:  Wipe hands together as if something is gooey!

NOTE:  we talk about the sound an organ makes, as it can be scary to a child who has never heard one before.  Also, I tell children, “If at any point in the song you feel a little scared, snuggle up to a teacher or friend.”  Most children seem to like “just a little spooky.”  Some just go for the snuggle because it feels good!

THE BOOK:  THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A BAT by Lucille Colandro (available on Amazon or Scholastic Books) 
    This delightful book (and the others like it in the series) will have kids giggling in no time!  Sing it to the traditional tune for “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”.

                                                                                                         Cut a 2-3” bat out of paper or funfoam.  Staple it to a small ponytail holder or scrunchie.  The children can slip it onto their fingers, bat on top of their hand, and “fly” it around the room.  It’s been my experience that having a bat prop helps them to move their arms higher and lower because they focus on making the bat fly.

    Remember – bats are good animals. 
BAT FACTS:  They don’t get in your hair.  They eat bugs – especially mosquitos, which makes them VERY good in my opinion.  They sleep in the daytime and fly around at night (using echolocataion – which makes them NOCTURNAL – a nice new word for growing vocabularies.)  Try this website for more great facts: Bats4kids.org.

                          Now – GO BATTY!

Yours for a Song,
“Miss Carole” Stephens                                                   
Macaroni Soup! Active Music for Kids!


  1. This is awesome ... I love the song and activities! I pinned your post to my Kids' Halloween Activities Board at http://pinterest.com/debchitwood/kids-halloween-activities/

  2. This is so much fun! The song is perfect for being a little bit scared, and it is nice you have books. Thanks for putting in a plug for bats who are helpful! Pinned!

  3. Thanks, Deb and Carolyn! Yes - the children ask for "Black Bat Farm" all year long - I've even had requests for it at Spring Birthday parties! By being involved in making a visual (the farm), it also takes some of the scary out of it! Thanks for passing it on!


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