Monday, June 4, 2012

Blooming art in the preschool classroom

By Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. of Teach Preschool

As the flowers start to bloom, a whole new set of activities that you can do in the classroom start to bloom as well...

It is so exciting to bring the outdoors inside the classroom then see what you can do with it.  One of our favorite activities is flower printing...

The children simply dip the flowers in paint then make prints or use the flowers like paint brushes to add color to their paper...

Sometimes, I will hear teachers say, "But the children did this last year so we need to do something different."  My response, "The experience at age three will be completely different than the experience at age four because, in part, the children are developing new skills and a new understanding of their world!"

So perhaps your students painted with flowers last year - but I am here to tell you that repeating ideas can lead to new understanding and the mastery of processes so go ahead and invite your students to flower paint again!

Would you like to see what else you can do with flowers? Hop on over to Teach Preschool today to see more terrific ideas you can do with flowers!


  1. Hey Deb! Really enjoyed your blog today. I think using real natural items connect children and adults back to the beauty and grace of nature. It's also very creative which is always a good thing leading us back to being both critical thinkers and playing/learning in the moment. Congrats!

    1. Hi Enrique,
      You have such a way of communicating the intentions behind early childhood education! Thank you for your comment - it makes my post more complete:)

  2. Great post, Deborah! I definitely agree that the same experience can be completely different at two different ages. I pinned your post to my Gardening/Botany Unit Study board at

  3. How creative! I know the kids must just love this activity!


  4. LOVE your site (and your newest follower). Come visit us..... Thank you, Stephanie

  5. Deb!
    The heck with doing painting with flowers with kids. I WANT TO DO IT! And I just might make that a relaxing afternoon with my husband - waaay out of his comfort zone - and I think we'll BOTH enjoy it!

    1. Haha - well who is to say this is just for kids? Sounds like a creative date night to me!!


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