Friday, January 13, 2012

Teach Children to Dream as Big as They Can

Hey readers!  I’m Bill Corbett, executive producer and host of the cable television show CREATINGCOOPERATIVE KIDS.  You can also read myblog for more parenting and teacher help on discipline.  I’m stuck on Block Island, RI this week when a storm blew in and grounded the ferries to the main land.  I’m praying that by the time you’re reading this blog, the seas have calmed and I’m headed back home to Hartford, CT.

I came here to the island a few days ago to speak to a group of parents at Block Island Preschool, to teach them how to get more cooperation from their kids.  One parent took me aside and asked me for one tip that could help lead a child to find their purpose in life when they become an adult.  I told this parent to begin letting her child dream big.

There is something magical that happens when a child has a wish for something she would like.  Dreaming begins the process of discovering the magic inside of her soul.  The more a child practices this discovery process, the closer she moves toward eventually finding her true purpose in life.  Often times, a child will think of something she wants and then runs to mom to ask for it.  Mom then typically responds with statements such as, “We don’t have the money to buy that right now,” or perhaps even, “Stop asking for things, you have plenty already.”  Even though mom means well, these kinds of responses can possibly stifle a child’s ability to continue dreaming.

The next time your child asks for something and you’re not sure what to say, tell her to “put it in her dream book.”  A dream book is a repository for a child to record the things she dreams of.  If the child can write, encourage her to put an entry in the book describing what she would like to have.  If the child is younger, have her draw a picture of it.  You could even get a stack of old magazines and have the child cut out pictures of what she dreams of, and paste them into the dream book.  Take a look at this video for four more tips on helping a child to dream big.

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Speaking of BIG DREAMS!!!!! Who had a bigger dream than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr? In honor of his birthday and the BIG dream, we've added this post to an ECE linkie FILLED with ideas on the observation, teaching and support of lessons on diversity and acceptance. Enjoy hopping around to see what other ideas our fellow bloggers have used this year!


  1. Young children have such sweet ideas and big dreams! It so sad when adults feel the need to "keep things real" rather than let children just dream and discover on their own.

  2. Once again a great idea from you Bill! -- This is a valuable concept for everyone to develop and share!

  3. Awesome post, Bill! I LOVE the idea of having kids (or anyone) dream big! The dream book is very cool. I pinned your post to my Stress-Free Kids Pinterest board at

  4. Bill!!! YES!!!! This idea that you present is something I've experienced in my own life and that I've seen many others experience on their journeys. I agree completely and thank you for highlighting the importance of finding one's passion in life.... thank you so much! I will be sharing this with a lot of folks!

  5. My oldest (16) has ALWAYS been a dreamer and found ways to express those dreams while young (usually through building them with out legos!). He still makes lists and writes down things he wants to accomplish!

    My youngest could definitely use a dream book -- as her wish lists get quite large of things she wants or wants to do! As we speak, she handed me a toy catalog with circled things she wants for NEXT Christmas (talk about a dreamer!!). She's looking for something to do ... I think we'll get her dream book going this morning!


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