Sunday, June 25, 2017

Playing Circle Games

Circle games are fun and can be played as soon as you can walk around a circle holding hands.  HOWEVER ~ ~ for the teeny tinies, it must be simple!
These little guys are playing "Ring around the Rosie"
This song is simple. Hold hands.  Walk.  Fall down. Giggle. Get back up and do it AGAIN!
Children ages 1 - 3 can get very frustrated if there are too many rules to follow.  The idea for them is fun.  For the adult, it is beginning skills, time together and, fun.

These children range in age from 3 to 6.  They are playing
"All Around the Circle",  on the "Wide-mouthed Bullfrog" CD.
This game has rules.  Games with rules are best after the age of 6 when children can understand.  This does not mean you should not play these games with them; it means know their ability and use it as a tool to get the skill in place

How to play "All Around the Circle"
Children form a circle with one in the center.  Everyone holds hands and walk around the child while singing "All around the circle I can do what you do"
The child in the middle says "Stop right still"  Answer "I can do what you do"
The child in the middle "Put your hands on your hips" Answer "I can do what you do"
The child in the middle "Let your right foot slip"   Answer "I can do what you do"
The child in the middle "Then do it like this"  At this point the child makes up a silly motion and everyone does it.
When it comes to the counting part -
 "1, 2, 3, 4 Spin around and pick someone we'll do some more"
The child in the middle covers his eyes with one hand and puts his arm out with his pointer finger extended and turns until he hears the word SOMEONE.  When he hears the word SOMEONE, he stops, opens his eyes and whomever he is pointing to takes his / her place.
The song repeats until the end, which prompts
"Everyone be seated 'cause there is no more!"

For the next blog, we will learn "In and Out the Windows", which is for 4.5 - 7 and has more steps and rules to follow.

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