Monday, May 1, 2017

Finding your TRIBE of #TeacherFriends: Support, Encouragement + FREEBIES

CONGRATULATIONS! You're coming down the home stretch. The end is in sight. ALL of the hard work over the course of the year is paying off. Cue the joy. Right? 

And yet. You are quite possibly exhausted. Your to-do lists have to-do lists. You see everyone else creating HUGE fan-fare celebrations and concluding ceremonies worthy of a magazine spread. {That is the curse of too much blog following. It looks so easy on 'their' site.} 

Does the thought of perusing on Pinterest make you feel like you may just puke? It seems those other classrooms appear to be perfect, all while the teacher is modeling the latest seasonal ensemble..... perky and bright, all while you crawl to your car at the end of the day, manage to get home and then fall asleep in your garage. 

Let's face it. There are a LOT of pressures on teachers these days. SO MUCH PRESSURE>>>>>>SO MANY EXPECTATIONS>>>>>>

Now more than ever, it is important to find your "tribe." Your people. The folks on your channel. The ones who get you. Who get your priorities. The ones who sing your kinda song. The ones with answers to the questions that nag at you as you are attempting to fall asleep. 

And that's where Twitter is incredible. With the right hashtag, the right questions and a quick click -- you can be connected to a person with your long-sought answer. 

Finding your people, building your Professional Learning Network (PLN) does take both willingness and I will admit, there is some time that will need to be invested. Maybe that can be a goal for your summer... to join the edu-connected and start tweeting. 

Nearly three years ago, I had the idea that encouraging teachers to find each other -- in a supportive setting would be "fun." Little did I EVER realize that we would be gathering every Tuesday night! 

Take a look at our upcoming calendar of guests who will lead the chat, on a topic where they are both passionate and knowledgeable. The only thing to remember is to use our hashtag in EVERY tweet.

Now is the perfect time for you to attend a chat or two, so that by our BIG anniversary party at the end of June, you will be an old hand at tweeting in a chat! 

Last summer for our anniversary party, we gathered up a total of $7000 worth of prizes. 

AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We have already started gathering the goodies -- ahead of time. 

***I am living proof that planning ahead and taking a step of two can get major projects accomplished. 

We have our first dozen prizes in and organized and ready for your enticement. 
Trying new things is a lot easier when there are door prizes!


One winner will get all three of my picture books. 
Someone else will win a SKYPE visit -- to be used next school year. 

Plus we will pick two winners to receive $25 worth of my digital downloads. 


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