Saturday, March 25, 2017

From Seed to Flower

                                   Spring!  I love the Spring!  (link goes to song)
Maryann "Mar." Harman
Founder of Music with Mar.
BA Music Ed / MA Education

       New beginnings.  It's beautiful weather.  Birds are busy.  Flowers are blooming.
If we, as adults, can appreciate the beauty and wonder, we can pass it onto our children.
Let's do that!

Side 'note' story -- When the Music with Mar. group was visiting from Beijing, I stepped outside one morning to see Qi and Mirzat sitting quietly by the pool.  I asked them why they were so quiet and their answer made me realize how fortunate I am.
The answer?  "We are listening to the birds.  There are no birds in Beijing."

It is all perspective.

Here are some ideas for Springtime songs and activities to do about Flowers.

Children love to act out songs.  When I was in India, the children had so much fun singing and acting out "The Parts of a Plant".  Dr. Debby Mitchell of GEO Motion and I watched and smiled at their pleasure.
Here is another song to let children 'feel' what happens as a seed grows into a flower.
The words pretty much tell you what to do.  Have the children sit in a chair with their feet pulled up onto the seat.  As the lyrics prompt, push the legs down to the floor.  Stand up when the song invites and add the petals.  Sway from side to side and have the children tell you what kind of flower they are.

Seed to Flower
Sit all curled up in a chair. 
Pretend you’re a seed, under dirt, in a cup
Push your roots way down.  Stand your stem straight up
Put your hands on your hips.   
Like leaves on a stem; One on each side
Your head has the petals for the flower.   
What kind?  You decide.
Stand tall, pretty flower.   Where you stand, you will stay

Your roots down in the ground will hold you as you sway

Here are some ideas from Highlights Magazine.

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