Wednesday, February 1, 2017

28 FREEBIES & Resources for Teaching Kindness and Empathy

Life on Planet Earth has challenges. Darkness. Difficulties. Set-backs. Heart ache. Grief. Unfairness. The unthinkable happens. 

If you haven't experienced any of the above, you must be new here. 

Now more than ever, it is time to talk specifically to children {and to ourselves} about developing the tools our world needs right now. Let's start with concepts within EVERYONE'S reach: kindness, empathy and mindfulness. Let's get back to basics. 

My hope is that this roundup of resources, improves your little corner of the globe.... and that together we launch our own movement: from the littles on up! The time to start is today! 

Last night on Twitter I shared this old image of kindergarten hearts given to me on the occasion of my author school visit here in Florida. They still warm my heart and I'm sure they warm yours, too. {You can click over to my blog to get a step by step tutorial.}   

No sooner did I tweet my image of the hearts above, but my fellow moderator, Kristen responded by sharing hearts that she had just made with her kinders. They strung the pipe cleaners with some small beads for further embellishment. Isn't it amazing that a simple idea grows and transforms by sharing! What twist will your students create? 

This simple keepsake would be treasured by any recipient. What a great way to pay-it-forward. If you know me at all you know how I LUV the possibilities of collaboration that come from quilt projects. Here's a beauty from my school visit in Colorado. Simplicity. 

Build your own wreath by adding ribbons for observed kindness in action. The wreath gets more color and beauty by each example being demonstrated within the classroom. 

Digging through the web I have gathered these goodies. 
Bookmark them. Download them. Return to them. 
Make your children kinder by demonstration and example. 

Let's start with the website: Doing Good Together
*Warning. You may get there in a click and not leave before tomorrow.  

Click on this image below to go directly to their FREE Printable Section.

NEXT STOP: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation! 

Head's up. You will either need to create a quick profile or sign in with your FB account to access FREE lesson plans. Here's the screen shot of what is available for kindergarten. [Go to the "Educators" tab on the site.] 

I hope that you're familiar with the amazing blog, "No Time for Flashcards" where there are amazing collection of picture books assembled for your inspiration. 

childrens books about morals

Now for a LOT of printable FREEBIES on Kindness and Empathy 
(click each picture for the direct link)

This first one has been downloaded over 115,000 times, so let's start here. You create a Kind Kids Club and there is a printable page for membership and many more suggestions.

Random Act of Kindness Freebie by my friend Denise! 
Random Act of Kindness Freebie

Kindness Freebie

Positive Posters!! {freebie}

BRAG TAGS: Random Acts of Kindeness {Freebie}

Classroom Full of Kindness Freebie--Kiddos Connect to Kind
FREE "Work Hard and Be Kind" Digital Prints

{FREEBIE} Kindness is Contagious Bulletin Board

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti- - - FREEBIE! Sign, Po

Compare and Contrast ~ We Are Different, We Are Alike #kin

Empathy Worksheet Freebie!!

ANTI-BULLYING {POSTERS} FREEBIE: #kindnessnation and #weho


Attitude Anchor Charts FREEBIE

Traits of Good Character - Citizenship

Social Skills Cards: Feelings Pack

You Are So Loved Letters & Banner #kindnessnation #weholdt

Mistakes Quote Banner *Freebie*

Growth Mindset Interactive Mini-Book {Freebie}

Mindful Student Poster Set {FREEBIE}

Calm-Down Center Starter Kit

FREEBIE Yoga Poses Poster

FREE Yoga Calming Visuals for Early Childhood or Special E

Yoga in the Classroom FREEBIE Sample Pack

Yoga for Kids: Editable student/parent info sheet to teach

Freebie: Songs and Chants to Line Up and Brain Break Activities

I am in a Facebook group where one of the kindergarten teachers experienced the death of one of her students over the weekend, from an unexpected tragedy. I had written this poem earlier for little Carter who died during his kindergarten year. Perhaps you know someone who could use this resource. I hope that you never need it. Knowing that others have had this experience puts everything else into perspective. 

In the face of the unthinkable, we must give ourselves time to grieve. Then as we begin to regroup and rebuild it is helpful to tap into our laughter collection. 

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