Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 - WELCOME/BIENVENIDOS from Miss Carole!

Macaroni Soup Singers at "WELCOME" Release Party!
    We’re about to turn over a new calendar page – it’s almost 2017!  Miss Carole from Macaroni Soup here, and I’ll be starting the year with a newly sewn-up hip (bye bye labrum tear!)  Still on crutches and in a nasty brace, but hopefully I’ll be singing and dancing without pain in January! 

    I learn songs from many sources, but the most consistent source is my colleagues at The Children’s Music Network.  I’ve been a member for over 15 years, sharing music at songswaps, the annual national conference, and the excellent online forum.  Members include teachers, musicians, songwriters, librarians, parents – and anyone who uses music with children of all ages!  Check us out – I’m the Midwest Coordinator, and we’ve got lots of things coming up in 2017!  Got questions?  I've got answers!  Contact me!

    Exciting news!  I just released my 9th recording, “WELCOME!”  It’s got 29 songs and poems for active learners!  Listen to selections on CDBABY.  But let’s concentrate on the title song here:  “Welcome/Bienvenidos!”  
    At a regional CMN conference a year ago our Featured Speaker was Sanna Longden, an exceptional dance and music educator.  Every song and dance she shared was a gem, and she sparkled as she taught!  Afterward, I just couldn’t get “Bienvenidos” out of my head.  I shared it at a workshop I was presenting a short time later, and everyone was entranced.  So, here it is – I hope you welcome the new year by sharing it with children!

Welcome, welcome, bienvenidos!                        
Welcome, welcome, bienvenidos!
Welcome, welcome, I’m so glad to see you!
Welcome, mis amigos, cha-cha-cha, bienvenidos!

    You can sing it as a welcoming song, and with 4’s and older I add movement once the children know the song well.  Hear it HERE.

The “Dance”: 
Line 1 - On “welcome” we wave and smile at someone, shaking their hand on “bienvenidos”. 
Line 2 – repeat wave/smile/shake with a new partner
Line 3 – Smile/wave with new partner, holding their hands with yours
Line 4 – On “cha-cha-cha” seesaw hands back and forth, then wave goodbye and repeat the song.

    That’s it!  Simple, welcoming, developmentally appropriate and FUN!  Enjoy the last few weeks of 2016, and WELCOME 2017!

Yours for a WELCOME Song!
“Miss Carole” Stephens

Macaroni Soup! Active Music for Active Learners

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