Saturday, June 25, 2016

Enjoy the Experiences

 "Hurry.  Music is over.  We have 15 minutes to get to the library story hour."

A familiar statement, far too often.  Rush along to the next activity.  Then, we wonder why they get bored easily or become attention deficit.  Please slow down!

As Summer begins, there are many wonderful experiences we can have together with our children.  We should make time to enjoy them.  Our expectations should not be to get them to a lot of activities but rather on the quality of the experience itself.  Take the time to talk about the music class, helping to reinforce what the brain learned.  When we rush to the next activity, the brain doesn't have time to digest. And, like our stomachs after a meal, our brains need to do the same with the information.

In this interview,
 JeffJohnson asked me to discuss how these music activities help children learn.  He is a recognized and respected expert on play.  His wife would say it's because he still hasn't grown up.  I hope he never does!  I also hope that you find the child in you and find time to play this Summer.  And, not just with your children.   
                 Please listen and comment.
YouTube Interview on Music and Learning     #JeffJohnson #MusicwithMar.                                    
It is not healthy for adults or children to be overscheduled.  Our brains and bodies need downtime. Childhood is not a mad rush to squeeze in as much as possible.  It is a time where, through play and interaction with loved ones, our brains begin to learn and get ready to learn the 'harder stuff' (ie math, reading).  No one should be pushing to make sure the children learn those things now.  I was  happy to see this article circulating on Facebook.  Every parent / teacher should read it!!!!!

                               Scary Article about Kindergarten expectations

When planning your Vacation activities, please consider a music class.  Music is a wonderful experience for children.  In one music class, children are exposed to music AND........
And what?  And books and cultures and dance and sign language.  Reading readiness, Math readiness, social skills, exercise AND.......

         Bonding with your child!

We at Music with Mar. like to say that coming to music class is getting 5 or 6 classes accomplished at one time.  We hope every experience at a class, (whatever music, art, yoga or gymnastics class you attend) is an enjoyable experience and that you take the time after class to absorb all of it before rushing off to the next thing on your Summer Schedule.

Maryann "Mar." Harman
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