Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Magical Adventure: A Trip To The Library

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Ever since I can remember, I have had a great love for books. Some of my greatest adventures took place between the pages of magical storybooks. As a child, I loved to go to the library. I would get so excited when the Bookmobile would come around. I could step right onto that bus and pick out an armful of books that would help tide me over until my next trip to the library. 

Today, with cable tv, internet, movies on demand, etc. It seems many are too busy to visit the library. One of my favorite field trips near the beginning of the school year is to take the children to the library. Many of them have never been before and don't realize the amazing treasures held within the walls of the local library. I am thrilled when, inevitably the children go home and tell their parents about this magical land they have visited with me and beg to go on their own. Some even report back that they have gotten their very first library card! 

As a preschool teacher, I check about 20-25 books a week to share with my students. On our visit, I taught them how to pick out a book and we also returned a few that I had checked out the week before.

We stepped into the children's story area and had a marvelous time listening to a couple of stories. This time, our children's librarian used a feltboard to help bring the story to life. In the past, we've seen skits and puppet shows! Check out your local library for children's programs--most offer some sort of program and they are free! 

The children's librarian read several books that were new to me but they are definitely be on my "must have" list now! "Dog's Colorful Day" (with the feltboard above) and "The Book with No Pictures" were instant hits with my class!


After our visit, we took a few minutes to talk about the the things we saw and learned at the library. The children are keen observers and pointed out things I had not even thought to point out to them!

I am a firm believer that they key to raising a good reader is to instill a love for reading and books. If we show children that we enjoy reading, they will want to read, too! 

You may want to read a few books about going to the library to help get them excited about your library visit. Some of my favorite children's books about the library are:




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