Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: An Amazing Transformation!

Hello again, it's Ayn from little illuminationsSpring is here and it is the time for new life. Everywhere I look, flowers are beginning to bloom---especially right now, here in Augusta, Georgia where the Master's Golf Tournament is about to begin. Our city is filled with blooming azaleas. The pollen count is out of control already. Just a few days ago, we celebrated Easter, the time of year associated with new life. As part of our Easter celebration , we released butterflies that we watched grow and transform from caterpillars in Sunday School
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First, we observed the caterpillars,

photo by Kristy Zgol

Then they wrapped themselves up in a chrysalis,

photo by Kristy Zgol

Soon, butterflies emerged!

photo by Kristy Zgol

Soon we had a butterfly pavilion filled with beautiful butterflies!

On Easter Sunday, we released them in the garden. They were so comfortable in their habitat,  that several had to be lifted out--they didn't want to leave! 

They kept coming back and landing on our hands to visit! 

In Pre-K, we will be learning about this transformation next week right after Spring Break. We often make life cycle models with pasta. Here are a few examples from past years:

I usually put one of these tissue paper butterflies in my art center and wait to see what the kids do. Often, I get lots of tissue paper butterflies to decorate the room with!

My favorite books about the butterfly life cycle:

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