Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Amazing Music

Music is amazing - with what it can do to people and for people.  I have always watched how through the magic of music people of different shapes, sizes, colors and ages can unite.  It always makes me smile.
Recently, someone posted a video on Facebook that stirred many thoughts and emotions for me.  As I watched it, I thought of how intense and happy the students looked.  I thought "Wow!  What a teacher to make this happen" and, I thought, "Look at the variety of children." Though we all worry and concern about diversity, we have to look at this and think "We have come a long way."  This would not have happened when I grew up in the 60s.  Children of different races, gender and ages are working together to play music that the teacher must have loved as a teenager.   (And, I'll bet none of them even think about those things.  For this generation, it just is.)
                   Children's MS Band Plays Zeppelin
The value piece :
1.  Working together
2.  Using 'classical' instruments to play 'classic' rock
3.  Benefits of musical training - timing, coordination, math skills, language
4.  Feeling of achievment and pride
5.  Being an individual, yet part of a group

When I first started teaching middle school, the first
MTV Video was produced.  I copied it onto a VHS tape and brought it into class.  We watched it and a couple of the other new videos.  I told my students "Look.  Through music and video, the walls that divide us will come down as people join together to make these productions."  It fascinated me, because in the 60s, there were still "Black" and "White" radio stations. Most of the time, we didn't know what the artist looked like.   Today, we have a wonderful variety.  

So, this short blog isn't about something you can make or an idea for the classroom.  (Well, maybe in a way it is.)  It is about looking at the faces of the children in this video and realizing all that is happening because one teacher took the time to combine two things she obviously loves (teaching and music) and created an experience these children will NEVER forget.

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  1. Thank you, Sunita. I have travelled to India twice to work with teachers. Both were wonderful experiences.

  2. Great post! I love sharing all kinds of music with my students. I'm one that believes that we definitely have a "musical soundtrack" that marks milestones in our lives. I hope years later when my pre-k children hear certain songs, they might remember fondly some of the time we spent together. :)


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