Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Go! Learning About Transportation With Hands On Activities

Hi! I'm Ayn and I am a Ga. Pre-K teacher, serving 4 and 5 year olds in an inclusive setting. I share my classroom adventures on my blog, little illuminations.

We've been learning about a variety of modes of transportation in our class lately. The kids have been encouraged to bring all kinds of "things that go" to share. Our car mat has finally given out after many years of dedicated service, so we improvised by using tape to make roads on the rug.

We also painted a little racetrack on black paper, using a small roller and some white paint.

Our block center has been bustling with planes, helicopters, cars and buses! The kids really impress me with their creativity! This is a helicopter some of the kids made.

Making ramps and having races with toy cars as been a great way to explore forces and motion.

The girls put some chairs together to make a bus. Or a train. Or a plane. Depending on which child was describing their play.

Our dramatic play area was transformed into a gas station.

in addition to the toy boats we had, I found some foam blocks and corks and we made a few boats to play with in our sensory table.

We had car races with trikes on the playground. Forgive the photo---I think they are coming in for a pit stop here!

To cap our week off, we practiced our folding skills by making paper airplanes. We practiced inside several times.

Then we took the paper airplanes outside for a "fly off" race. Luckily we had some time to practice inside, because the ground was pretty wet after several days of rain, so the planes got wet after just a few take offs.

We love to read in our class! Here are some of the wonderful books about transportation that we've read recently. There are SO many good ones---this is just a very small sampling of the great books that are available!

Happy Travels! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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