Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snap Cube and Lego Centers!

It's so hard to find good, engaging centers to keep the kids moving and working!  So I wanted to share with you some fun centers I created that involve developmentally appropriate practice and the academic rigor your administrators require!

Snap Cube Centers

These are fun centers using those snap cubes that sit in a bin in the corner of your room!  You know... those blocks that every time they get brought out get turned into snap cube guns.. I HATE that sound - kids playing guns!  

So how it works is the kids get a card with an image on it.  They have to count how many blocks it took to make the pieces to those images to recreate it.  You are given several recording options for the kids to be held accountable!  I have them in all sorts of topics - sight words, letters, numbers, and even a monthly set with themes to make what's going on! 

Here is a little freebie for you to try them out! 

Lego Centers

Now that we have those snap cubes working let's get the Lego's out!  These fun and engaging centers get kids creating sight words with Legos and counting how many it took to make them.  They can even record the colors they used if you give them their own print out of the word.  

These are done to scale and you have two options to differentiate for the time of year or for students.  

These are currently only available in PrePrimer and Primer lists!  So not as many options but SUPER fun!  I get lots of comments that the boys will love them BUT my entire class really loves going to the Lego center!  

What centers do you love?  I have found that I put the MOST work into prepping and planning my centers each week!  Am I alone here?  

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