Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weather Watchers in Prek!

Shared by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. of Teach Preschool

Here in the midwest, we have been experiencing extreme changes in weather. During the month of February we have had sunny days in the upper 60's to snowy and cold days in the mid 20's to windy and rainy days.  This past week, many communities were hit by some pretty ugly tornadoes as well...

I tell you this because it isn't only adults that notice extreme weather patterns, young children do to and it is a good idea to talk with children about weather patterns and weather safety in a way that is nonthreatening yet meaningful and realistic...

Talking about weather

We talk about the weather in our classroom every single morning. One child goes to the window and tells us what the weather looks like today. They are to choose two words - one word that tells us the temperature (cold, hot, warm) and one that tells us the weather pattern (sunny, cloudy, rainy)...

We use the two words (well sometimes we end up with a few extra words but we manage to squeeze them all in) in a simple little tune...
Weather, weather, weather, weather,
What will the weather be today?
(Sunny) and (cold), (Sunny) and (cold),
That's what the weather will be today!

Integrating information about weather into your day

We also read books that talk about different kinds of weather. Reading age appropriate weather related books and having casual conversations about the weather opens doors for communication about different types of weather and why the weather changes and even some of our fears when it comes to stormy weather...

There are so many wonderful ways to explore the weather through math, science, art, and music...

This week, we explored the weather by creating some weather word wall art...

Weather Drills

This week, many preschools found themselves having to head to a place of shelter due to tornado warnings.  Taking the time to have a plan for bad weather and to practice weather related drills is something every preschool program should be doing.  By practicing with the children, the children (and teachers too) will know what to expect and it can take away some of the anxiety or confusion.

Keep weather drills nonthreatening for young children. Perhaps have a stormy weather kit ready to go filled with crayons, paper, water bottles, cups, snacks, books, songs, and other items that you will need to keep little hands occupied while waiting out a storm...

March is a wonderful time to talk about the weather. We will be doing much more with weather throughout the month in my classroom.  I invite you to come on over to Teach Preschool throughout this month and see what else we are doing with the weather!

Weather Links from Teach Preschool

Graphing the Weather

PS. I would love to hear any tips you can offer up in planning for and dealing with inclement weather in your program. Leave a comment below!


  1. I LOVE the part about taking the anxiety away . . . I've got several little sprouts who worry about the weather! Your post reminds me of a play-on-words poem my dad taught me when I was little: Whether's it's cold or whether it's hot, there will be weather, whether or not.

    Thanks for the memory!

    The Corner On Character

    1. Oh that is a great little poem! I am going to have to remember that!

  2. What your doing to teach your littles ones about weather is great!! I've posted a fun weather packet on my blog Friday and if you hop on over and check it out, you have a chance to get it for free!! I'd love to share it with you:)

    1. I will be sure to stop by Tammy!

    2. In March we are "wonderful weather watchers". One year I had several students who were fearful during storms. I taught them how to count the seconds between the lightening and the thunder to see if the storm was moving away. That seemed to help. Also the book - "Franklin and the Thunderstorm" is wonderful, especially if you can get the recording that goes along with it (which has the sound effects on it).

  3. We've been lucky to avoid the extreme weather conditions you've had this year. I love the idea of having a stormy weather kit to make the kids more comfortable if they are faced with a severe weather warning. I pinned your post to my Weather Unit Study Pinterest board at


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