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Hello  Everybody, How Do You Do?
   Hi from Miss Carole at Macaroni Soup!  It’s here – or just around the corner, depending on your location!  The First Day of School 2013/14!  For most young children it’s exciting, a little scary or just an entrée into the unknown!

   Did you forget to have a new song ready?  Everything goes better with music!  Singing smooths out separation anxiety, channels excess energy and is accessible to children of all abilities!

   Here are 5 songs to get your through your first week.  Listen to them at the links provided to the Song of the Month pages on my Macaroni Soup website. They’re all easy-to-learn, kid-tested and Teacher Approved!  (AND they are ALL on my Sticky Bubble Gum cd!)  As you add a song each day, be sure to repeat the previous day’s song.  By the end of the week, you’ll have a whole 15-20 minute Music Time going!  Whoo-hoo!

DAY 1: Hello Everybody, How Do You Do?
Hello everybody, how do you do? 
How do you do? How do you do? 
Hello everybody, how do you do? 
I love you, to-day!
I love you to-day - on Day One?  YES!

If you like the color red, pat your head!
(pause, encouraging children to pat their head)

If you like the color blue, pat your shoe! 
(pause, encouraging children to find their shoe) 

If you like the color green, pat your knees! (demonstrate where the knees are!) 

I love you, to-day!

Other things you might add to verses:
If you like choo choo trains, blow your whistle! Toot Toot! 
If you like ice cream, say yum!
 (rub your tummy!) 
If you like dinosaurs, let me hear you roar! ROAR!!!!

     NOTE:  for instructions about motions for the chorus, check out the link!)

My foot is starting to wiggle!
DAY 2:  The Wiggle Song!

Tune:  “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”

My hands are starting to wiggle
My hands are starting to wiggle
My hands are starting to wiggle
Around and around and around!  (turn in place)
   (more verses: feet, hips, head, now all of me is a-wiggle)

DAY 3:  Sticky Bubble Gum
We blow a pretend bubble first - how big can they make it before it pops - these girls are finding out!   

Sticky sticky sticky bubble gum
Bubble gum, bubble gum
Sticky sticky sticky bubble gum
Sticking your hands to your shoes!

Toe to nose - spectacular!

Stick knees to elbows, toe to nose, hand to someone else’s hand, or head to the floor!  Yes, this is my signature song – because kids LOVE it!  Make up your own verses, and have the kids make up verses once they know the song well.  I clap from side to side – cross-lateral movement is a plus! 
    Couple this song with Bubble Gum, BubbleGum by Lisa Wheeler and you’ve got your whole Circle Time!
    There's also a video of this song on my website!

DAY 4:  Little Ol’ Wagon

WAGON BOARD with color cards
    This song takes a little prep (hence I made it Day 4!)  You can make a wagon board – on posterboard make a picture of a wagon.  Laminate it.  Put a piece of Velcro in the middle of the rectangle.  Cut rectangles of different colored paper the same size as the shape on your wagon board.  Laminate each rectangle.  Stick a piece of Velcro on the back of each colored rectangle, and you’re ready to sing!
Tune:  “Skip To My Lou”

Little ol’ wagon painted red
Little ol’ wagon painted red
Little ol’ wagon painted red
Skip to my Lou, my darlin’!

    I ask the children to pick a “magic word” to change the color after each verse.  I’ve heard everything from “shazam” to “please!”  Make some kooky rectangles, too – such as polka dots, stripes, kisses, etc.

DAY 5:  Hi Dee Ho!
Raise your arms up to the sky!

“tune”:  It’s that Marine Marching Cadence!

Hi dee  Hi dee  Hi dee  Ho!       (kids echo)
Wiggledy wiggledy wiggledy Whoa!  (echo)
Raise your arms up to the sky!    (echo)
Make a smile and wave bye bye!  (echo)

   This is easy – get the kids’ attention with the first line, then indicate that it’s their turn to sing it back to you by pointing and nodding to them. 
Line 2: Get your best wiggle on. 
Line 3, shoot your arms straight up in the air! 
Line 4:  point to your mouth (which is smiling) and then wave one hand.

    Whew – week one taken care of!  Keep singing through Week Two – and all year long!
Yours for a Song! (or 5)
“Miss Carole” Stephens
Macaroni Soup! Active Music for Kids!

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