Sunday, August 11, 2013

Educational FUN in Summer Time!


As an amazing summer starts slipping away I want to share a little piece of my world in July and give you information for July 2014………………just one year away.  If you plan to treat yourself to an amazing conference somewhere in this big world keep in touch with FROG STREET.
In my OPINION, it is the best conference in the entire USA.  They have a Pre-K curriculum that is outstanding and each member of their staff has the best attitude about their Froggie world.

Meet the Frog Street Leaders:
Bill, Jay, Sharon, Ron, Amy
A group dedicated to the value of a great early childhood education for all children.

There is always an area for photo shoots and it is a busy place during the whole conference.  Special times are set up to get photos with Fannie and Fernando.
Workshops are conducted by some of my favorite people.  Check out the group……….many of these people are part of the original DREAM TEAM gathered by Ron Chase, Sharon Burnett and Pam Schiller.

The world of Pre-K educational resources changed and offers the best of the best.
Thursday is an intensive day filled with make/take experiences, Curriculum instructions and seeing old friends.

Pete the Cat producer Michael Levine rocked the stage with his music and visuals about how Pete the Cat has become a household name.  Michael is the musical master of "The Learning Groove!"  His music is the music that thousands of children and teachers are singing every day.

Thursday evening is always an invitation for everyone to jive and jam with Don Monolopi, Stephen Fite, Mary Jo Huff, Frog Street’s newest crooner Jay, Shawn Brown.  Upper right is Don with Mary Jo and the bottom left is Don and Stephen  acting like Sonny and funny.  The middle has Don, Stephen and Jay.  The two upper right pictures are Greg and Steve having some fun.  Mary Jo is in the bottom rt. corner telling a fun story about Rabbit and Snake with the audience.

Late night fun captured all the techie enthusiast even some in their pajamas.  Debbie Clement blasted my mind with her internet expertise................I don' t have enough brain left to even absorb all the daily changes in this area of our world. 
Friday begins a full day of workshops geared for educational connections and invites to learn the best there is from the best presenters to be found.  There are Keynotes and give-a-ways galore.
Friday evening ALL attendees are treated to a sit down dinner, live music, huge give-a-ways……..I mean dollars, big dollars and even a free registration for the following year.  The staff at Frog Street is introduced and the owners are given a standing ovation.  The music plays on and on but this lady retired for the evening because my 3 workshops were all scheduled on Saturday.

What a thrill to see the room fill up with anxious Early Childhood Educators……………that is a big crank for me and I seem to talk faster and faster because I have so much to say and so many ideas to share.
Two new workshops were introduced this year and will become part of what I can do.
Catching a 6:00 a.m. flight at the Dallas airport gave me time to take a nap on the way to Detroit.  It is always good to come home but when you have a Frog Street experience under your skin you keep an itching to return and start making plans for the following year.
So, YOU ALL make plans to have the best time of your life in San Antonio, TX in 2014. Keep in touch with the web site
Watch my web site for some new information.  I have put together several programs that can come to you via SKYPE.  I will come to you as an IN-HOUSE-FIELDTRIP.
We are working out the kinks and then I am ready to be aired by hundreds of kids across the waves………………bringing a special, unique presentation filled with music, movement, stories (some old and some original), poems, puppets and finger plays.  All presentations align with CCSS and Early Childhood Foundations.
Watch for a preview.  I will come to you with over 35 years of exciting, educational fun and I still  have a passion and excitement about telling stories with children.

Mary Jo



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