****If somehow you've missed the craze over at Pinterest, don't worry it's not too late!!!!! 

As an educator of young children, Pinterest can be your VERY BEST friend!!! Everything is so visual and you can always click through to the original source material when you need the specifics pictured!!!

Many of the contributing authors here at "PreK + K Sharing", have their own Pinterest accounts. You would benefit from be-friending and following our individual authors into this parallel universe.

To make your life somewhat easier, we already have TWO collective pinboards..... where many from here are contributing their amazing new finds and pinning them together onto one collective & collaborative board.  

+++For the younger set check out the board entitled: "It's Preschool: PreK Collaborative Peeps"

+++For the mature kindergarten set you'll want to explore: "KindergartenKlub" which is a collaboration from those working with kinder-kiddos.

You are welcome to visit & follow each of these collaborative boards. Just one word of warning: Pinterest.com has been known to become somewhat addictive. Enter at your own risk. LOL. I'll ask the contributing authors to leave their own Pinterest link/account here.

Debbie Clement
Carolyn Wilhelm
Laura Eldredge
Deb Chitwood
Pam Bergman
Krissy Miner
Deborah Stewart
Crystal Radke
Amy Ahola
Barbara Gruener
Ayn Colsh
Laura Lohman
Carie Ramirez
Erin Wing
Leeanne A
Joanna Davis
Enrique Feldman
Alec Duncan
Maggy Woodley
Marsha McGuire
Kim Vij
Cheryl Hatch 


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for doing what you do ~
    Thrilled to look further into the work you are doing - Great veggie guy, He's fabulous ~ KUDOS! www.facebook.com/healthyfoundations
    www.earlyinsights.com KUDOS!!!
    Happy & Healthy 2012 to all.
    best regards,

  2. I love your collaborative Pinboards. What a great idea. Thanks as well for leaving all of the contributors individual links. Can't wait to explore!

  3. Great! I'm a Pinterest junkie! I'll be following! I'm also on a community board for Montessori in the Home here for anyone interested: http://pinterest.com/zina/montessori-in-the-home/


  4. Thank you. Now if I could only keep up...or teach all day and night :-)

  5. Thank you for the wonderful Ocean Pack......It is very colorful and will enhance my three year old's learning.

  6. What a really good idea to collaborate and to share - thank you :)
    Sue Atkins
    Author of 'Parenting Made Easy - How To Raise Happy Children'

  7. Thanks so much for the links to all of these fab pinners. I know quite a few but also discovered some more new brilliant people to follow too. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Emma :)


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