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Many of the authors here at our collaboration 'speak' regularly at conferences around the country. Within our group we have presented everything from workshops and staff trainings, to all day seminars, and onward to state and even national keynote addresses. You are certainly welcome and encouraged to reach out to any author here individually and directly and begin your own conversation regarding your specific needs. It would be delightful if you'd mention that you've 'met' them via their participation here at "PreK+K Sharing."

It has long been our dream to establish a "Speaker's Bureau" here at the collaboration. The day has arrived! We're ready to share directly with you -- on your site! 

Our goal is to provide you with top notch authorities, who have a track record of success in reaching out to the teachers and parents of these early foundation years.  As an event planner, we can offer you streamlined connections to these authorities. We can help you design an optimal day, or an optimal conference. We can help you design your event, ensuring a robust and diversified lineup of categories and topics. 

Design your own time. We have all types of combinations available: one from column A and one from column B or four from column A and four from column B. We can bring together an entire slate of presenters, complementing each other's strengths to create a memorable training for your participants. Just let us know your needs and we'll get to work -- making your life easier in the process. 

Watch this tab as our dreams take shape. 

Our greatest delight moving forward, is to collaborate on 
"PreK+K Sharing Events" brought to you on location! 

Motivating. Inspiring. Cost-effective. Unique. MEMORABLE. 
Let us go to work for you! 

-- Debbie Clement, Editor-in-Chief

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