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It's a new day!! It's a whole new era!!
Welcome to what best practice looks like.

Welcome to sharing and show-n-tell. The advent of blogging and the cyber-community have brought us together on behalf of children as never before imagined. It is now possible to reach out, to weave together and share ideas from one side of the planet to the other -- with the mere click of a mouse. Voila!!

This collaboration is launched with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement over all things that will benefit young children and those who serve them. There are several common denominators that weave our community of contributing authors together. The first is an emphasis on excellence. The second is a delight and appreciation for all things "ART" related. The third is a shared joy in child-centered, child-directed, genuine play-based adventures.

Our group of contributors already consists of seasoned bloggers who are adept at all things related to the social networking era and others who are brand-new to the blogging concept. We have contributors that are respected authors and performers, classroom teachers and administrators, specialists on brain development and mental health from the ground floor up, from day number one. We have beloved international speakers and hard-working teachers from the front line. It's an incredible mix of talent!!! It's an incredible mix of perspective!!!

We are here to celebrate our strength in numbers. We are here to celebrate your contribution!! We are here to engage you with new ideas and remind you of old ones. We launch our collective blog from the international gathering of NAEYC 2011 held in Orlando.

Here are several of us gathered  together in Orlando, Nov 2011, beginning the brain-storming of what is to come at PreK + K Sharing!!! Front row from left-to-right: Connie Dow, Debbie Clement, Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld and Hugh Hanley. Back row: Enrique Feldman and Mary Jo Huff. 

We will make this page something of a 'family album' and add pictures of contributors as time unfolds into the future.

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld + Debbie Clement NAEYC Orlando 2011 Day 25+ Day 1
Enrique Feldman + Debbie Clement NAEYC Day 5 + Day 1

Deborah Stewart + Debbie Clement: Indiana AEYC workshop presentation Day 4 + Day 1

Joanna Davis + Debbie Clement: cross country! (Day 10 + Day 1)
Mary Jo Huff + Crystal Radke: days #11 + 12 at Frogstreet Press
Mary JO Huff + Debbie JO Clement: Day 11 + Day 1

Carole + Debbie at Concordia (Day #16 + Day #1)

Carie + Debbie (Day #17 + Day #1)
Amy Ahola + Denita Dinger: Splitting Day #30 -- every other month! 
Debbie Clement + Connie Dow: Day 1 + Day 22 
NAEYC 2012: Laura, Debbie, Ayn, Deborah (plus friends + family) 
Atlanta 2012: L-to-R  Mimi Brodsky, Ayn Colsh, Debbie Clement Laura Eldredge, Mary Jo Huff

Friendswood, Texas: Barbara Gruener + Debbie Clement 


  1. what a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see all that will come here!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Mom. Anything you can do to the word 'out' would be a HUGE help as we get off the ground!!!

    Debbie -- for the whole gang.

  3. What a great blog! It looks like you all have fun at the conference. It's great the you got together and are sharing your ideas in one place. In today's busy world that helps teachers and parents. I'm a follower and I'll share your blog and posts of interest through the web.

  4. Michelle!!! Thanks so much for sharing of our sharing here. I look forward to all sorts of collaborations into the future. YIPPEEEE!!!


  5. I LOVE this blog! When I need ideas for art projects for my Mommy and Me class, I am going to check out Pinterest!! Looks like such fun! I would love to be a part of your community!! Thanks for all the sharing!

  6. Hello everyone! Thank you Debbie for your wonderful efforts! I had a great time connecting with you once again in Orlando.... love the photo with Mim and company!

  7. So grateful to everyone for your support & readership! It is thrilling to see the contribution of each new post -- from each new perspective. I look forward to an amazing collaboration that will grow & grow in time!!!


  8. This is awesome! As a transitional kindergarten/preschool teacher I look forward to all the wonderful contributions that this blog is going to offer to the preschool world. Thank you for sharing your ideas!



  9. Hi There! I'm a speech pathologist and blogger who just stumbled here...sounds like a great concept! Looking forward to reading along.


  10. Katie and Gloria -- so glad that you've found us!!! Keep coming back, as we will always have new content to share. It's exciting to be connected to such an array of enthusiasm and expertise! Share with your readers.

    Debbie Clement

  11. I am excited to have "found" this excelent resource, and forum for sharing and learning.
    I just dropped over from "The Chocolate Muffin Tree"and will be visiting here, many times I just know!

  12. It's a lovely blog. I am a primary teacher and learning about early childhood now. I can use your blog as an inspiration and source. Love it!!

  13. So glad that our blog is gaining in readership and following. I LUV seeing the new article everyday!!!! Tell your friends. If you're a blogger -- we would LUV for you to share our blog button with your readers!

  14. Hello! I am excited to find your blog. I just entered the world of blogging myself. Stop by and say hi!!


  15. Hi! I met Connie Dow at the Ohio Early Care and Education Conference last month and just bought her first book. She is amazing and so is this blog. I am a physical therapist and creator of The ABC's of Movement flash cards. I love connecting with like minded educators who value movement and learning!

  16. Debbie

    My blog is dedicated to early childhood educators and young learners. I am happy to have found you. I will be happy to pass this along. We have been in touch before and you do know me through Top Teachers. I am looking forward to reading this blog and learning much from it as well. Thanks for always being an inspiration to all.

    Sharon Winter

    Animal Crackers and Apple Juice


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