+Contributing Authors+

Debbie Clement, Chief Editor Website: RainbowsWithinReach Blog: RainbowsWithinReach 

Amy Ahola  Website & blog: Child Central Station

Pam Bergman  Blog: How Long is this Hall?

Dr. Danny Brassell  Website: Danny Brassell  Website: Lazy Readers' Book Club

Erika  Blog: The Other Lion

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld

Deb Chitwood  Website & blog: Living Montessori Now

Ayn Colsh  Blog: Little Illuminations

Bill Corbett  Website & Blog: Cooperative Kids

Joanna Davis  Blog: Our Art Lately

Connie B. Dow  Website: Moving is Learning

Alec Duncan  Website: Child's Play Music  blog: Child's Play Music

Laura Balma Eldredge  Website: The Seeds Network  Blog: The Seeds Blog

Enrique Feldman  Website: FAME Foundation

Brigid Finucane

Dr. Marianne Gibbs Website: Write Out of the Box

Barbara Gruener  Blog: Corner on Character

MaryAnn Harman Website and Blog: Music with Mar

Greg Harvey  Blog: Males in Early Childhood

Cheryl Hatch Blog: Preschool Plan-it

Mary Jo Huff  Website & Blog: Storytellin'

Terri Izatt   Blog: Kinder Kapers 

Deanna Jump Website: Mrs. Jump's Class  Blog: Mrs. Jump's Class

Jennifer Kadar  Blog: Simply Kinder Blog: Simply Centers

Carolyn Kisloski  Blog: Kindergarten Holding Hands and Sticking Together

Megan Ledendecker Website: The Montessori School

Laura Lohmann  Blog: Painted Paper

Deborah McNelis  Blog: Early Childhood Brain Insights

Marsha M. Moffit McGuire Blog: A Differentiated Kindergarten

Dr. Ellaine Bailey Miller

Krissy Miner  Blog: Kindergarten Monkey Business

Carole Peterson  Website: Macaroni Soup

Crystal Radke  Blog: Kreative in Kinder

Carie Babin Ramirez  Blog: Kindergarten Hugs

Deborah Stewart  Blog: Teach Preschool

Kim Vij Blog: Blog: Educator's Spin on It

R. Scott Wiley  Blog: Brick by Brick

Carolyn Wilhelm  Blog: The Wise Owl Factory

Erin Wing  Blog: Small Types

Maggy Woodley Website: RedTed Art


  1. Debbie,
    I own a preschool and I team teach preschool and Kindergarten. I would love to contribute to this blog if you are looking for more authors. Thank you!

  2. If you are looking for new contributors let me know.

  3. I run a home daycare, used to develop the children's programs for a large community centre, and would love to contribute if you'd ever like more authors. Thanks! Erin www.theusualmayhem.blogspot.com

  4. Please let me know if you need a science contributor!

    Science for Kids Blog

  5. Hi Debbie
    I teach Preschool and Prek internationally and would love to contribute if you are looking for additional contributors.


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