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Ready for kindergarten: author notes

With the start of school for most of the "big kids" right around the corner, it is not unusual for parents of children entering their prekindergarten year to go ahead and start thinking now what they will need to do to make sure their child is ready for kindergarten...

In this post, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed., the author of Ready for Kindergarten! answers a few questions commonly asked when discussing her book so you can see how her book can be just the resource you need to get your child off to a great start in kindergarten when the first day of school comes back around next year!

Who is Ready for Kindergarten! written for?

Ready for Kindergarten! was written primarily for parents of preschool age children as a source of support for things they can do at home to help their child prepare for kindergarten. It is filled with simple tips that include a broad range of developmental and academic areas of readiness.  

Is your book a good resource for preschool and prekindergarten age teachers?

My book is an excellent resource for preschool and prekindergarten age teachers to have on hand as a refresher of the kinds of things they can be doing in the classroom as well as a valuable resource to share with parents. Many teachers highlight specific topics or passages in the book to share with parents at parent/teacher meetings or conferences.

My child already knows how to write his name and can even read simple books, so what else is there to worry about?

Keep in mind that you aren't just sending your child's brain to kindergarten but you are sending your whole child which includes the top of his head all the way down to the tips of his fingers and toes. Kindergarten readiness includes social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development which can sound complex but in my book, I have simplified the information so that it is not overwhelming but still comprehensively covers all areas of development.

My child is in preschool so isn't getting my child ready for kindergarten the teacher's job?

As good as your child's teacher may be, the reality is your child's teacher only has a limited amount of time to give your child all the experiences, support, and information he will benefit from in preparing for kindergarten.  Your child spends far more time at home than in preschool and you (as the parent) are the greatest influence on your child's interests, abilities, skills, attitudes, and overall readiness for kindergarten. As you invest time now in supporting and enhancing what your child is learning in preschool, you will be developing the critical practice of being an involved parent in your child's education both now and in the years to come...

Will your book give me step-by-step instructions on how to prepare my child for kindergarten?

As much as I wish there were a secret step-by-step recipe for kindergarten readiness, it is important to know that every child is unique in their abilities, interests, personality, skills, and development. Sure, there are some similarities among preschool age children but to prepare your child for a truly successful experience in kindergarten, it is important to tap into the unique individual your child is. So to answer this question; this book covers a broad range of skills that your child will need in clearly defined categories and subtopics. Your child will be developing many of the skill areas simultaneously rather than one step at a time and Ready for Kindergarten! focuses on the amazing, real, and broad range of growth and development that will be taking place throughout the time leading up to kindergarten.

How can I find out more about your book?

Ready for Kindergarten! is available through many online bookstores such as Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. If you view the book through the online distributors you will see that they have posted an amazing amount of details about what is included in my book. You can see the book along with many more details on Amazon by clicking the photo below...


You can also visit me over at Teach Preschool to learn a little bit more about my book!

Why did you write this book?

I have over 30 years of experience as an early childhood educator and so when Adams Media contacted me to put together a book for parents, I was excited about the challenge of taking all those years of experience of working with preschool and prekindergarten age children and putting them in one comprehensive but simple-to-follow book.

What would be the most important message you hope your book conveys to parents as they help their child prepare for success in kindergarten?

I will have to give you two....

  1. That the most important gift you can give your child is a love for learning and the confidence to try.
  2. To remember that your prekindergarten or preschool age child isn't in kindergarten yet so celebrate your child's progress by meeting him where he is at and save the kindergarten experience for kindergarten!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great resource! Deborah and Teach Preschool are fabulous sites!

  2. I'm definitely planning on buying this book, perhaps as a Christmas gift for myself. :) My daughter is starting Pre-K tomorrow. She finished the 3-year-old program at this same preschool, so there's a lot fewer jitters this time around. I appreciate all the resources the Internet and book stores/libraries have for entering Kindergarten. I understand that it's a big step for the kids and parents. What I'm wondering is... are there resources that can help me prepare her for 1st grade, especially since her Kindergarten experience is half day (2 hours 45 minutes)?

    The transition for me going into 1st grade was tough. My poor mom had to find creative ways to get me to go to school, including getting the principal to lure me out of the locked car where I was refusing to leave. I've also heard recently from neighbors that their children are having a hard time adjusting to a full day of school. Sometimes I feel that preschool gives outstanding preparation for Kindergarten, but (half day, the only option in our district) Kindergarten may be failing to prepare children for grade 1. Of course, I may be worrying for nothing as my daughter loved to go to preschool (her first experience leaving her mom) from the get-go.

    1. That's a great question Becky but I think as you get into the groove of helping your child prepare for kindergarten, you will naturally be preparing yourself and her for first grade too. Part of getting involved now includes really knowing your child so that you can foresee any concerns that may be headed her way and help prepare her with the coping skills to manage those concerns positively and constructively.

      My best suggestion is to keep the doors of communication open with your child's kindergarten teacher throughout the school year and feel free to ask questions along the way so you will feel prepared for the changes ahead and can help your child feel prepared too. As for switching from part day to full day, this often does take its toll on children so it requires getting extra sleep, exercise, eating right and a little time to get adjusted to the new schedule.

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