Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School on the Horizon!

SCHOOL! School's on the horizon! 
The Bells are RINGING! Start polishing the apples! 
It may be hours or days, or it may be weeks -- but no matter which calendar you follow the time is at hand! 

photo of: Back to School Resources of Support at PreK+K Sharing

This time last year I pulled together an article filled with RESOURCES! 
I return those ideas back to you because they are 'ever-green.'
Since my article this time last month my life has been sheer joy and delight. Stellar. Incredible. Amazing. Dreams-come-true off-the-charts monumental. Pinch-me. All the anticipation pales in comparison to the eventuality. I am so grateful for this 'extra innings' chapter of my life. This over-time segment is filled with a reel of star quality footage that makes me smile to from ear-to-ear. For example! 

The time in VEGAS is a blurrrrrr of giggles, smiles, awesomeness, squeals, hugs and thrills beyond measure. The picture above was captured during our lead-off upbeat number of  my life-changing OPENING KEYNOTE for the national international Kindergarten conference. I am literally SURROUNDED by my cyber friends from blog-town. Having their collective energy and enthusiasm on stage made everything so much more fun! We are the village you've heard so much about. 

Somewhere between the opening and closing numbers I was a VERY happy giraffe! [NOTE: my signature pompoms are swinging very tail-like behind me. Insert smiley face emoticon here.] 

Without a doubt, the show-stopping, heart-pumping conclusion of my keynote will forever bring me delight. We concluded with my "Piggy Rap." 

*Just prior to departing for the dry heat of the desert I got the Mp3 and Powerpoint of the song, zipped into a file and uploaded here to our Early Education Emporium. {It will continue to remain FREE for one more week!!! So hurry to our EEE for your digital copy of all the fun.} 

'The REST of the Story.' 

Here's the three minutes of PURE unadulterated fun captured from the second row via phone camera. You simply owe it to yourself to watch until the last heartbeat. The five pigs: #1 Deanna Jump of Mrs. Jump's Class plus legendary million-dollar fame, #2 the adorable DeeDee Wills. #3 Piggy is Matt Gomez of MGB notoriety and #Kinderchat interaction on Twitter. My fourth Piggy is the too darling for words Crystal, our author here at the collaborative on the 12th of the month and beloved 'Kreative in Kindergarten.'

It is the fifth little piggy that literally brought the house down. #5 is Jon Fines, also of #Kinderchat. It turns out that prior to Jon becoming a K teacher he was a fitness/dance instructor, and even choreographed HipHop routines for cheerleading competitions. Honestly. I knew NONE of that background for Jon's credentials for giving us a BIG ending! AND BIG ENDING it was! I was just as surprised as the audience and I think you get a taste of my appreciation of Jon's mad skills from my response as it all unfolded. Now I will want to have back-up dancers for all of my performances! 

The VEGAS Stage Piggies Celebrate at the Blogger MeetUP 

Attending national conferences is such an opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. I hadn't crossed paths with the brilliant and humorous Dr. Danny, since we launched our collaboration here. It was such a delight to see each other during the presenters luncheon. (He contributes his monthly thoughts here on the 20th.)

My goal for the coming school year is to attempt to learn more about Twitter 
and specifically to participate in Monday night
#Kinderchats, which have a theme and begin at 9 EST. every week. 

Here are some of the main-brains in that cyber experience and the whole reason that Jon got to show off his dance skills!

Vegas was also the very FIRST time I got to hug up on Jennifer of "Simply Kinder" who
writes her article here every month on the 6th. 
We have been cyber buddies for the last couple of years. 
I just kept LOOKING at her, with every new interaction: 
She had morphed into human form and I was mesmerized with each interaction.

Moi + "The Beezy Teacher" 

Here are some new 'RoundUPs' that I've created on my blog that can support your new year ahead. Just yesterday I had a super-fun look at classrooms around the country where I have visited. I know how much teachers like to look over the shoulders of their peers. This article came together around the current discussion in the cyber-blog world around the role of 'CUTE' in the classroom and I have unwound that specifically as it relates to classroom decor. 

Classroom Decor: The "CUTE" Conversation (RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach)

Here are a few other RoundUPs that I think would be especially helpful in launching the new year at hand. Just click on the picture to go over to my blog for the articles.

photo of: Anchor Charts on Hangers! Organization and Collection of Anchor Charts: RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Trees in the Classroom (RoundUP via RainbowsWIthinReach)

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