Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Is A Child On Music!

 Hi!  I'm Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup!   Today I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking!  But a few wise words in preface:
"The more participation there is with music early on — through singing and movement — the more it simultaneously activates multiple levels of the brain. If you look at the corpus callosum [of someone who plays music] there are more connections made between right and left sides. A child who is moving, dancing and singing learns coordination between their eye, ear and sound early on. And [the experience of participating in music education] helps integrate the social, the emotional and the real context of what we’re learning. There are studies that show children who play music have higher SAT scores, that learning to control rhythm and tempo not only help them get along with others but plants seeds for similar advantages when we get much older."                
   by Thomas Rogers on Salon.com  10/23/2011

     Need more convincing?  It seems that every week there is a new scientific study touting the importance of music in creating a healthy brain and body for a young child.  Today I'm going to share some tidbits from research along with pictures of children participating in musical activities.
Look closely at the faces.

Read the body language.

Then find a child to sing and dance with!

Researchers Sebastian Kirschner and Michael Tomasello said the following in their report, "Joint Music Making Promotes Prosocial Behavior in 4-Year-Old Children", from Salon.com:
"...Children who had previously made music together were significantly more likely to spontaneously help each other.  We propose that music making encourages the participants to keep a constant audiovisual representation of the collective intention and shared goal of vocalizing and moving together in time - thereby effectively satisfying the intrinsic human desire to share emotions, experiences and activities with others."

    A lot of big words?  Yes!  Boiled down:  Children who sing and dance together become emotionally healthier!  Look at this face!

    It has long been believed that children retain more of what they learn if we put it in a song.  If I ask you, "What is the letter before G?"  Yes, you got it - but HOW?  Did your brain do a quick run of "The ABC Song?"  That's how must of us get the answer!  That song is hard-wired in our brain from a very early age, and is easily retrieved when needed. (Hope you said "F"!)
    When you need the children you teach to remember how to get down the hallway quietly and in an orderly manner, have you got a walking song?  Or a Hand-Washing song?  Or a Clean-Up song?  Sure!  Not only does it make the task easier, we can instill directions and an attitude about the job right in the little ditty!

   Need I say more?  Music will help children focus, listen, look - it's a stimulant for many senses!  The simple echo drumming activity in the picture at left (yes - those are baby wipes containers that I use for drums!) has everyone listening and participating.

    The children in the picture here --->  are intent on the motions and instructions in a concert presentation.  

     It's accessible to children and adults of  ALL abilities.  It makes us grow and thrive!


Yours for a Song!
"Miss Carole" Stephens
Macaroni Soup! Active Music for Kids!


  1. Pinned! I think I pinned this before, too, such a happy blog post with excellent ideas. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Carolyn! Making music IS happy time! i leave in an hour to drive to the East Coast to make music with teachers and children in Upstate NY and the Boston area - yea!


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