Sunday, April 7, 2013

Exploring Weather with Science Experiments in Preschool

Hello again and Happy Spring from Ayn at little illuminations

We have been learning about weather in our class lately. Even though the calendar says Spring is here, it has still been unseasonably chilly in our area. We've talked a lot about the weather and how certain weather conditions happen. Our discussions have led to several science experiments in class.

We used shaving cream to simulate clouds and food coloring for water. When the clouds get full, the rain falls from the clouds.

We also used some recycled packing peanuts to explore this concept. The children cupped their hands while others filled their hands with the peanuts. When too many peanuts were put in, they fell down like rain.

Another way we explored rain was by putting a dish of ice over a vase filled with hot water. As the ice melted, condensation ran down the insides of the vase demonstrating a rain effect.

We explored wind by placing several items in front a fan to see which items would get blown by the wind (fan). It was interesting to hear the students' predictions and reasons why they thought certain items would blow away. 

We charted the weather over a week long period. We've talked about how scientists have to collect data and record it over a period of time, so this was a good way to put that into practice. Here's a FREE printable of our weather chart!

In our art center, weather has been a popular interest. The children have been making a lot of pictures with rainbows and clouds.

We talked about the properties of wind and how that relates to flying a kite. Later, one of the kids made a little kite using items from our scrap box. Later, he took it outside and tried to fly it. For several days after that, the kids were making kites like crazy! (In fact, they are still making one or two daily!) 

Pretty soon, kite flying was the highlight of our outdoor time!

Some of the great books we've been reading as we've explored weather can be found in bookstores or online. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hope Spring is happening in your area! We hear that it will soon feel like Spring here in Augusta, Georgia. Be sure to check out the Master's Golf tournament this week to see some of our lovely local Spring foliage. The weather may be confused about when Spring began, but our azaleas won't be fooled! 

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  1. Perfect timing for this unit! I am planning a weather unit right now and will for sure use some of these ideas!

    Also, I'm a preschool teacher in Haiti, but right before I moved here I lived in Augusta! Its a small world!

    1. Wow! It is a small world!!!! I'd love to chat with you sometime about your experience teaching in Haiti. So glad the ideas are helpful!

  2. Hi Ayn! I loved reading about all the great science experiments. I'm your newest follower! Your class sounds like a fun place to learn! I'm a preschool teacher in Missouri. The weather is crazy here too. Two weeks ago we had 10 inches of snow!

    Learn + Play = PreK


  3. Oh, how nice to see all the photos and have all this information in a single blog post. Pinned! Thanks so much!


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