Friday, April 19, 2013

Rainforest Resist Art

 Students love, love, love, animals 
and students love, love, love oil pastels.  
What better way to combine both for a fun, bright and colorful project.

First, we brainstormed various animals found in a tropical rainforest. Next, we discussed what type of environment or Habitat that the animals would live in. The different layers of the rainforest is also a wonderful extension to the project.

After the brainstorming activity, students drew trees, animals, plants and flowers with pencils then outlined with black marker. Next, they colored in their shapes with oil pastels. 

Once the oil pastels were complete, student picked analogous watercolors (colors next to each other on the color wheel) to paint their backgrounds.   I use liquid watercolors that are much more vivid and brighter than the strip pans of watercolors.

The wonderful thing about using watercolors over oil pastels is that the oil pastels push off the watercolors thus creating a RESIST.

Using oil pastels keeps the shapes clean and bright- no muddy colors....

I love the raindrops in the tropical rainforest...

Try using some oil pastels with watercolors you will be so amazed!

12 x 18 paper
oil pastels
liquid watercolors
black markers and pencils

Laura is an elementary art teacher and the author of the blog Painted Paper. She has presented her thematic units nationally at the National Art Education Association and Ohio Art Education Association Conferences. You can follow her updates on fun and creative projects for kids here.


  1. LAURA!!!! I wait with baited breath in anticipation of your article every month. These are gorgeous -- as always. You allow me to live vicariously through your sharing and I'm so appreciative!


    Thanks for ALL of your contributions here!

  2. Pinned to my wonderful art ideas board! Love, love the photos showing the beautiful art children are capable of doing. Thanks!

  3. These masterpieces are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the bright colors and the fabulous drawings by these young children!

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