Thursday, April 11, 2013

All Things MUD Books + Art Projects

It is that time of the year when I watch the plants poke their little heads through the damp, cold, muddy earth.  Every child should have the chance to see this spring event.  They should be able to predict:
  • what will happen as the flowers grow
  • what color will they be
  • what kind of flower is it (daisy, tulip, etc.)
  • how does it smells.
Invite children to make a flower garden using a pop bottle, paper plate and paint.  Invite the children to pick their colors and then give me brushes and paint to make the stems, leaves, and soil for their flowers.  They can add any touches like the sun, butterflies, birds, rain or whatever their imaginations can conjure up.

As April showers fill our world with mud it is great fun to get mud from a familiar area for the children and invite them to finger paint with the mud.Talk about how the mud feels, smells and who lives in the mud. This is always an opportunity to talk to the children about WORMS

When a project like MUD, turns the conversation to another topic such as worms, seize the moment and find a good book.

Enjoy the beauty of spring as each day brings more color and experiences outdoors.    Visit me  ***, Facebook and check out PrekandKsharing EEE!

Mary Jo Huff

Author, Storyteller, Puppeteer


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  1. I LOVE the idea of painting with mud! Wow! Thanks! Great books as well!


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