Saturday, December 29, 2012

Organization for the New Year Ahead!

photo of: Organizing by Months at PreK+K Sharing

Hello friends new and old familiar! 
For my new friends I am Kaci from over at
Mrs. Hoffer’s Spot
mrs h (2)

I want to give Debbie a HUGE hug for letting me talk over here! 
When she came to me she asked me to talk a little about organization! 
Ha! If you know me, you know organization IS NOT MY DEAL!
I was thinking and thinking and thinking and it hit me! 
Hey, you DO have a pretty good way of keeping your monthly ideas together!
This was the view of my classroom midsummer when I implemented my new system.


I will spare you the pictures of the MOUNTAINS of books that it whittled down to this! I sat in a circle and sorted my books by month. It took me FOR-EV-ER!
Then I laid the rest of the 9 tubs on the floor, and as I came across centers, pencils, cutouts, or anything that I would need that month, into the tubs it went.


This is how I keep my tubs. See the yellow arrow, those are my tubs. 
Top row is my “stuff” tubs and bottom row holds my books.
Now you ask, you have your pencils, books, premade centers, but where are all your files?
Well I have one answer for you.

My new external hard drive! I have no paper copies of anything, other than my books. Which I keep within a reach of my computer.

This is my book and dvd/cd library. For teacher hands ONLY!
Well thank you for letting me visit! I hope my one organizational idea helps you out a little! Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Break!

I've just added a set of 'tub labels' as a freebie over at Teachers Pay Teachers. 
Click right here if you need something like this to get you motivated! 

Kaci Hoffer is a Kindergarten Teacher in Oklahoma. She has been teaching for 3 years now. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She loves all things Kindergarten, spending many hours blogging, pinning and creating on TeachersPayTeachers. When she isn’t on her computer she is spending time with her husband and two dogs.
Teachers Pay Teachers


  1. Oh, the computer is making it possible to toss the old or duplicates "just in case" and get down to a manageable amount of materials. Being organized helps a teacher feels so less burdened and more able to teach. It puts a smile on any teacher's face. What GOOD IDEAS you have! What a great use of tubs and labels! Thank you for the freebie, also.

  2. This is definitely an area where I could improve! I wish we had the storage space that you have. My tubs are in the middle of my garage. :)


  3. Hilarious I JUST started organizing all my stuff by month and I'm in love with this system. Thank you for the free tub labels I was looking for something cute for my tubs!

  4. I'm finding that by theme works better than by month and then in seasonal order

  5. I love this idea! How do you organize your center activities? And books for your classroom library?


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