Monday, December 10, 2012

HOLIDAY HAPPENING: Preschool Party Activities!

photo of: Developmentally Appropriate Christmas Party in Preschool via Storytellin' at PreK+K Sharing

This time of the year is the best time of the year, especially for children.  For the past several years I have been invited to tell stories at an Early Childhood gathering of three schools.  Each school has a special group of teachers who dedicate extra time to put this event together.
Students from the eighth grade are designated Santa helpers and the children are divided up into groups.  Each center is visited by all the young children after they have heard stories and sang songs and were encouraged to move, move, move.

STORYTELLING opened the morning with lots of songs, stories and anticipation of a wonderful party.   Mary Jo's new talking Christmas Tree puppet captivated the children as the tree taught them the I'm a Little Pine Tree song.   The puppet is a new addition to the holiday program and a great way to celebrate the season.
photo of: Talking Puppet Christmas Tree: Storytellin' at PreK+K Sharing

The following pictures are from the centers as they are set up and then centers with children in action.
BOWLING……….set up with snow people and two balls.  The children were so excited when all the snow people fell down.

SNOWMAN and SANTA BEAN BAG TOSS.....  It is amazing how accurate the children are when tossing the bean bags.  The older children modeled and the younger children caught on fast.


MAKE AN ORNAMENT…………Christmas trees were provided and the children scratched their own design.  A string was added so the children could add the ornament to their tree at home.

RELAY………….each child put on a red vest and hat then scooted on the gym rollers to a bucket to add a gift then they scooted back to take off the vest and hat and the next child put on the vest and hat and away they scooted.  Hilarious fun!


DECORATE THE CHRISTMAS TREE…………………..the tree was a teacher (Ms. Lucy) dressed in green sweater with a Christmas tree hat…………the children had unbreakable balls, garland and ice cycles to add to the green tree sweater………..after decorating they undecorated and squealed and jumped up and down during this activity.

photo of: Decorate the Tree Activity Relay in Preschool Holiday Party: Storytellin' at PreK+K Sharing

 Other centers were stacks of white boxes for the children to construct igloos and tunnels.  Music was playing in the present walk area.  This was like an old fashioned cake walk.

Mary Jo Huff, is an early childhood consultant, published author, storyteller, puppeteer and recording artist, who is recognized nationally for her passion for children.  She has trained teachers and librarians nationwide on the importance of language and literacy through the power of telling stories.  Mary Jo is the author of seven resource books for early childhood and has recorded three interactive CD’s with stories, songs and finger plays. 

Her CDs and DVD have won awards:  iParenting, Parent’s Choice, NAPP, DOVE, Teacher’s Choice and she has a new CD filled with stories for kids.

Mary Jo has a passion for the power and importance of storytelling and how it relates to young children.    Facebook     Linkedin


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