Thursday, December 6, 2012

Class Books & Take Home Backpacks

Becoming a kinder parent has really opened my eyes to the love of learning our little ones have!

One of my son's favorite projects he did at the start of the year was bringing the Brown Bear home for the evening in his teacher' Take Home Backpack that rotated through the class.

So... I have started to create those sets as well so that my students (and you) can enjoy them!  You really have two options with these projects depending on your time and your resources.

Option One - Just make the class books because they are here, easy, and fun!
Option Two - Assemble a full Take Home Backpack to rotate through your class!

I have two set's done already:

One additional step I do is to copy the books for my parents so they have a keepsake!  I will usually do this back to back and even shrink two pages to one page to save paper!  Be sure to copy before you send home the backpack with the original if you do!

Click all the images above to get your FREEBIES!  Hope everyone has a great holiday season!



  1. We love to make class books. I like the idea of making a copy for parents to have. I'll do that in the future.

  2. This is so much fun for families, and you have made this super easy for the teacher! Thank you so much!


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