Sunday, May 6, 2012

TpT Sale Good Finds Today Only & End of Year Freebies

Hi everyone, it's Jennifer from Empowering Little Learners and now Simply Primary as well!

All I really have to say about being a teacher at the end of the school year is "whew!"  How to keep up with all the documents due, getting your room ready, and finding time to make all those fun things for kids so they can remember their special time with you!  Truly... I can see why certain teachers don't go above and beyond because it's exhausting!  I always approach things as what would I want from my son's teacher and so I tend to go a little overboard this time of year.  But I am OK that!

So... here is two fun ideas if you had not seen them yet.  Both are totally free!

First is my end of the year celebration!  One of my favorite things to do during the summer is be in the water and so we do a beach theme.  Favorite project has got to be the "I Had A Ball" Signature Beach Balls!  Just love it!  Click here or the image for all the items you need (minus the balls and markers) to do this with your class!

These also go great with Kindergarten Lifestyles end of the year celebration announcements!  They are SO cute!  I am surely planning on using these this year!

Another major thing I do is a Memory Book!  I have documents and pictures ALL YEAR; my kids are SO TIRED of saying CHEESE!  LOL!  So being in the blogging world, I decided to create a great freebie for you!  It is an exclusive freebie for Simply Primary followers, so be sure to follow my blog and Facebook so you can get those as well!  

I am sure you have heard about the Jackpot Event today on TpT so I wanted to share two favorites for each of our grade levels!  They are only free today so go get them now!  



And here is a little fun video I made.  I am not allowed to use student pictures so it's really had to be that creative when you are so limited!  I figured I would share it now since many of you will be ending in the next few weeks!  

Happy June everyone!  (Hehehe!)

Jennifer from 


  1. Jennifer, Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing my Alphabet Summer pack!

  2. I love your "I Had a Ball" idea, Jennifer! Thanks for the links to so many great freebies ... and for letting us know that it's Teacher Appreciation Jackpot day! I shared your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned your post to my new End-of-Year Celebrations Pinterest board at


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