Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Critters in the Classroom

There is just something absolutely magical about having real critters in the classroom!

Right now, my little ones are absolutely engrossed in observing the monarch eggs hatch into caterpillars. It is super simple to find monarch eggs and caterpillars for observation. Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweed plants. If you learn to identify milkweed, you will be able to find everything you need for a butterfly life cycle study!

We also recently acquired "Bowser" a red eared slider turtle. He/she has been one of the biggest attractions for the children.  We have been learning about turtle care, and love to watch Bowser swim and bask in the "sunlight." We have also discovered that whoever said that turtles were slow moving creatures must not have seen them when they are hunting a fish!

In the past, we also hatched chickens from eggs, 

We watched eggs hatch into tadpoles, grow into froglets and become frogs.

We've borrowed bunnies from the farm,

We have observed fiddler crabs. Did you know that when they molt, the opposite claw becomes the larger claw for the males? So much for being able to tell our clawed friends apart based upon which claw was the larger one!

We have all kinds of fish in our tank, it is mesmerizing to watch. Even our youngest friends find it captivating to sit and watch them swim.  We have quite a few snails too, and like the turtle, they tend to move quite quickly when they want to!

Earthworms are one of our favorite critters too!

Of course, our loyal watch dog "Scooby" is another one of the children's favorites!

The children love to help to care for, observe and interact with all of the critters!

Do you have any critters in your classroom?

 More About Amy

Amy Ahola is the owner/operator of Child Central Station, group home daycare and educational toy store in Marquette, Michigan.  She has been running her own business since 2005. Prior to that time, Amy worked in a childcare center and public school. In addition to her childcare business, Amy also provides educational training sessions. Amy earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Northern Michigan University and a M.S. in Training, Development, and Performance Improvement.  For more information about any of her programs, please visit Child Central Station or Find her on Facebook

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  1. What fun ideas, Amy! When I had a Montessori school, we always had gerbils, which we all loved. I pinned your post to the PreK Collaborative Peeps board at Deb @


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