Monday, May 28, 2012

Flower Book Mark - Crafts from Red Ted Art

Hello! It is great to be back again and visiting from over at Red Ted Art, where I love to make classic kids crafts with my two pre schoolers. And I love that Spring is here again - finally you can get out and about, get some fresh air, a little sunshine and enjoy nature coming "back to life again". Leaves are sprouting, we are growing seedlings (you may enjoy our fun Grass Heads!) and flowers are popping up everywhere. Perfect for a little flower craft. Today, we would like to share our "Flower Bookmarks"!

This is almost a “cheats” way to pressing flowers. It is quick and easy and fun. The children love it as it is a surprisingly tactile craft. It may even encourage a little reading, or you can make these for school books and friends. Materials: Small flowers & leaves. Again, we tried not to pick any “real” flowers, but just some blossom off a plentiful bush, some contrasting little green leaves and the much abundant Daisy. Masking tape. Colour card. Sticky back plastic or contact paper. Hole punch. Ribbon. 1. Collect your flowers, we then arranged them by colours in little dishes.

  flower book marks 

2. Cut out a piece of contact paper and tape it, sticky side up, onto the table. It is a bit fiddly, due to stickiness of paper, but persevere
  flower crafts 
 3. Place all your flowers onto the contact paper – place them face down, as this is the side you will see
 4. Carefully peel off masking tape and stick card down

5. Cut to size. Punch a hole and add some ribbon. Done!

Don't you think they look pretty? We certainly had fun making them. And they made a lovely little gift for Granny! For other flower inspired crafts, check out our FIMO Flower Cards (so easy, so cute), our Fingerprint Flower Cards, Blossom Fairy Lights (gorgeous) and our Flower Collage! Enjoy crafting.

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  1. The bookmarks are lovely! I pinned your post to my Gardening/Botany Unit Study board at


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