Thursday, May 5, 2016

Find the Gift in Every Child - A Wonderful Job Description

Find the Gift in Every Child

At the end of my workshops, I usually ask teachers what their job description is. Then, I tell them, "Your job is to find the gift in every child."  

Some children come to us and on that very first day, we can see where they shine. Others are not so easy.  This is usually because they are not getting the encouragement they need to feel confident.  Those are the children who need you most!  

What a job we have - helping children discover their talents and abilities and celebrating them together!

Debbie Clement has a song about how wonderful children are. Click on this link and check it out.  You're Wonderful!.   It is.......Wonderful!  (And, there is a book, too.)

Here is an idea for the end of the year:

Have little gift boxes for the children to design.  Discuss with children what it is about themself that they really like.  Help them with the process with gentle nudges.  "I noticed yesterday that you shared your snack with Jim.  That is thoughtful and that is a nice gift to have.  We will put that word in your gift box."   Write the word on the bottom of the box.  Close the box and have them tie it with a bow.  

When parents come to an end of the year event, use the song "Find the Gift in Every Child" as a backdrop and have children walk to their parents and give them the little gift box that contains a word that is a special gift their child possesses - a great helper; cares about others; shares her crayons well etc

Tell parents, "All year, I have been happy to discover your children's special gifts.  I thank you for sharing them with me.  It is time for me to give them back so you can help your child nurture them."

The song can be found at    Find the Gift in Every Child
If you would like the sheet music :  Find the Gift Sheet Music

                       Beginning lyrics :

If we look in their eyes, we can see
All the things each child can be
Look!  You’ll see it’s there
All you have to do is care
Find the Gift in every child

As this year ends, smile.  You have added more children to the lives you touch.  You are a teacher!  My gift to you can be found by clicking here :  Be a Teacher FREE download
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