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It is one of my favorite times of the year.  Here in Southern Indiana the corn fields are being harvested and children see this no matter where they go in the area.  Take time to enjoy the world that children should be aware of .............changing of the seasons.
Below is an on going project that can be added to a curriculum, displayed in an in home center or any classroom.
Materials needed: 
 Milk or water - gallon or 1/2 gallon jugs
Cut the jugs leaving the handle for easy moving
SOIL - get good soil at your local store
Ears of corn - I suggest an ear of field corn and another ear of Indian Corn
Invite the children to plant the ear of corn with the top (end where the shuck was pulled off) inserted in the soil.  Water with 1/2 cup of water.
How much water will be needed and how often should you water ?  Make this an on going process for all the children.  We put a different ear of corn in each classroom and once a week we placed them together to see who had the most growth.  The same classroom won each year because she had the most sun coming through her window.  She faced the South.  The corn in the Northwest window did not grow much...............what a comparison for children to see.
Print a corn picture for each class and measure the growth. 



There are many local farms in our area.  Schedule a field trip and visit a local farm in your area. 
 I will share a funny. 
 One year we went to a dairy the country and it was not a modern dairy.........human beings actually milked the cows.
The barn,  and areas around the barn,  were layered with manure and we all walked around and went inside the barn.  Inside the barn all the children got a chance to milk a cow sitting on a bucket. They also saw newly born kittens. 
 When we walked back to our cars (we could car pool in the old days) there was a mother with a garbage bag for each child's shoes.  She did not want manure in her car...........I still laugh because when we took the shoes out of the bag ............they were covered with manure.
So, we let the children go home without shoes and gave the bag to our parents.  It was a wonderful trip touching all 5 senses.

Wright's Berry Farm
This visit is filled with vegetables, fruits, flowers, tractors and all the things children need to experience first hand.
AUDUBON ARTS DAYThis event is for the Special children and adults in the Henderson, KY area.  Ms. Kim McGrew has received a national award for putting this event together.  It lasts for 3 days and hundreds of people are involved.  Kim has the camera in the bottom picture.  A musician, potter, camera man, balloon man, bubble lady, t-shirt maker and myself the storyteller are blessed to be asked to be part of this event.
This year they had a fancy chair and crown just for the storyteller.  It was wonderful to sit in the chair and see the expression on the visitors faces. 

This blog is longer than I had planned but when you get started it is hard to cut things off.  The pictures below are from St. Joe Child Care Center and I have permission to share them with you.  It is truly a kid friendly atmosphere.

Plant some corn, tell lots of stories, sing songs and enjoy the magic of the season.
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God has blessed us all with a special connection to a child's world.

Next month I am featuring a special book and the author just in time for the Christmas holiday.

NAEYC - Come to Washing, DC Nov. 20 - 23

Mary Jo's  workshop Sat. 10:30 a.m.  ROOM 146
You ALL come and also check out the Kaplan Booth on Thursday at 4:30 p.m.
and Check out the FROG STREET booth for date and time of presentation.


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