Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Blow The Wind" - with Scarves!

Miss Carole from Macaroni Soup! here in the Windy City with a musical activity you can do any time of year - wind or no wind, Chicago or anywhere you call home.
It's great for 

  • gross motor skills 
  • cross-lateral movement 
  • spatial awareness 
  • and coordinationall in one little song!  It's this simple:

"Blow the Wind" by Carole Stephens  c.2012
Lyrics:  Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Blow the wind 'round.
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Down to the ground.
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Blow the wind high
            Blow the wind, blow the wind
            Let your scarf fly!  Wheeee!

You will need scarves, 
streamers, or ribbons - and enough space for the children to safely windmill their extended arm in front of their bodies without whacking each other!  We call this our "Safety Zone" - children find a space, do a slow helicopter move with their arms outstretched.  If they can touch someone else, it is their job to move to where they cannot touch another child.

I get my scarves from Bear Paw Creek.  They are easy to wash, have some stretch and are a good size for children.  They run about $22 for a 13-pack.  Mine last 7-10 years with constant use, so it's a good value. ANY scarf will do - raid Granny's drawers - or use the other options, too.

As you sing the song, make big arm circles in front of your body.  Get your legs into the movement, too, bending to get a bigger swing.  Pause the scarf at the floor when you sing "down to the ground", and overhead when you sing "blow the wind high".  At the end, toss the scarf into the air - Whee!  Then repeat the song with the scarf in the other hand - get a workout for the non-dominant side, too!  

I say "you" - because you should demonstrate what the movement looks like for the children.

This song is on my "Season Sings" cd.  You can hear it here:  BLOW THE WIND.  When you get to SoundCloud, click on Macaroni Soup and then "Blow the Wind".

As you read this I am probably on a mountain top in the Northern Sierras - I'm guessing the wind will be blowing there, too!  Have a great October - and don't forget to look at my October 2012 blog if you need more great songs for this month - bats, pumpkins - BOO!

Also - come say hello at my workshop or Exhibit Hall Booth #937 at the NAEYC Conference in DC next month!  I'm presenting at 1:00 on Friday - and I'm psyched!
Yours for a Song - Whoosh!
"Miss Carole" Stephens
Macaroni Soup - Active Music for Kids!

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