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It’s Summer, and children can keep moving indoors, outdoors and in-between!  Miss Carole from Macaroni Soup here, and I’m gonna keep it short and sweet this month.  Here are three songs that work well in all environments to keep children 2-6 stretching their bodies, using their voices, making social connections, listening and growing. 
    Aw heck – let’s get singing!

Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush!
MULBERRY BUSH   This traditional singing game is great for Toddlers through Pre-K students.  Done as a circle game you can add in or substitute whatever activities are appropriate for the children with whom you sing.
     Start out making a circle – we hold hands, but you can also walk in a circle without hand-holding.  As you sing the chorus, walk to the right.

Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush
The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush
Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning!

Stop walking.  Do an activity:  put on our clothes, brush our teeth, walk outside or:
Verse:   This is the way we wash our hands
                 Wash our hands, wash our hands
                 This is the way we wash our hands
                 So early in the morning!


Brush our teeth!
The Mulberry Bush is a very simple song that gets everyone moving, singing and co-operating!   If you don’t know the tune, go to my July 2009 Song of the Month page at my website and hear it there, or find all today’s songs on my cd: “Dancing Feet!

   I just love add-on songs – and this one tickles childrens’ funny bones!  Grow the list of additional movements as long as you’d like – and can remember!  With pre-k I usually stop at 5 different movements, K’s can go to 6 or more!
          One finger, one thumb keep moving      
          Keep moving, keep moving
          One finger, one thumb keep moving
          And chase the flies away!
Open and close the finger and thumb on each hand, pincer style, then sweep hands from side to side in front of body to “chase the flies away!”   Repeat song, adding:
          One finger, one thumb, your feet keep moving      
          Keep moving, keep moving
          One finger, one thumb, your feet keep moving
          And chase the flies away!

Chase the flies away - with style!
Now we’re moving!  I love to get to “One finger, one thumb, your feet, your arms, your head, get down/stand up keep moving” – but take suggestions from the students!  They may add their bottoms, elbows, knees, eyes, shoulders – whatever they can move!
     I love this old song – yup, it’s on “DancingFeet”, too, and it was a “Song of the Month” on my website in September 2009.

    You might already know the tune – it’s been sung for almost 100 years!  Here’s my version for 4 – 7 year olds.  It’s a combination dance: circle (for skipping) and partner (clapping and 2-hand swing.)
    Start out skipping in as big a circle as space allows – it’s great outdoors!

Part One:    Skip, skip, skip to my lou
                   Skip, skip, skip to my lou
                   Skip, skip, skip to my lou
                   Skip, skip, skip to my lou,                                    my darlin’!

Stop skipping, tap knees, clap hands, put hands out to sides, palms up, questioningly, for each line:
Part Two: Lost my partner, what’ll I do?                  (4 times, my darlin’!)

Put hand to forehead in “looking” gesture, walk around to find a partner by the end of the verse.
Part Three:   I’ll find another one, how about you? (4 times, my darlin’)


Join hands with partner, 2-hand swing!
Part Four:  Circle with your partner, skip to my lou! 
                  (4 times, my darlin’)

Repeat all four parts in sequence at least one more time – we usually do the whole sequence three times!  In just one activity, you get listening skills, social interaction, gross-motor skills, pattern, sequence, singing and FUN!

    Walk this one through several times before you present it to your kids – know the sequence.  I guarantee you’ll be winded at the end of this one!

That’s all, folks!  Enjoy the summer – hope to see you in a workshop, Family Concert or class this Fall!
Yours For a Song AND Dance!
"Miss Carole" Stephens

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