Saturday, July 6, 2013

Free Writing Journals

That's right!  If you are looking for a journal to use for your kinders then this is the post for you!

I made this set last year because I always have such a hard time finding just the basic things online.  This year I went back and added a SUPER CUTE Melonheadz front and back cover.  I print those on card stock and just staple.  

This year I only did enough pages to get through until Christmas.  I find that with my Seat Sacks the covers get crinkled and bent a lot quicker than storing them in baskets or bins.  

Here are some other great fun writing activities you will also like!

This or That Writing Prompts.  I get really annoyed when students spend their ENTIRE writing block just perfecting a picture.  Yes there is value in drawing, loads of it, but they also need to write.  So I made these fun writing prompts to glue into the journals above!   Students can pick one (or both) pictures to glue into their journal.  They can add more detail to the picture and color them in.  This not only cuts the amount of time they are doing on the picture but also guides their topic to better fit the instruction!  I spiral these into my journals so they get a balance of more directed writing time and free writing! 

And my spelling program will also greatly help with journals!  I don't start this right away because they are so young when we get them.  


  1. I'm sorry, I don't know how to download the free journals. They look terrific! Can you help?

    1. Just click on the picture hun and it'll take you to her TPT store!


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