Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet the Beezy Teacher from Germany


     This “Beezy” teacher has been teaching for 34 years.  Starting her teaching career working as a Special Education teacher for the Austin Independent School District in Austin Texas, she decided to accept a teaching position working for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools Overseas.  

After ten years in Austin, she decided to experience life in another country.  She accepted the challenge of teaching overseas and enjoy the cultural experiences.  She landed her first assignment working in Germany as an elementary teacher at a school for the dependent children of U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany.  After several years of teaching Preschool Children with Disabilities, she became a Kindergarten teacher and continues in this teaching capacity today.

“Teaching in Germany has been challenging.  Unlike my counterparts in the U.S., we are in many ways isolated from the cutting edge changes in education and continuing education.  I miss not being able to attend educational conferences and workshops but this is offset by the incredible cultural experiences we are able to offer our students while are living in Germany.  

I have walked through the streets of many cultural cities and have experienced many historical events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was a changing experience to teach in a foreign country where teaching supplies are not easily accessible. The lack of access to materials led me to create a lot of my own materials that followed the DoDDS standards, yet were fun and creative.  I am able to try out the new products and share with my colleagues.  I have been blessed for living a wonderful life away from home but I look forward to returning home to the good US of A.

Although my Master’s degree is in the field of Educational Administration, the Beezy teacher has never felt the need or desire to work in administration but has enjoyed working directly with children.

It's a great experience to join the collaboration here at PreK+K Sharing. I'm excited to offer my European experience teaching Kindergarten to all the readers of this collaborative effort spotlighting excellence in education around the world. Next month I'll give you a tour of my classroom. 

It is also exciting to join the Early Education Emporium and have the opportunity to spotlight my 'products' under the big umbrella, alongside all of the other great contributors here. Follow this link to see my eleven products. Be sure and check carefully, through my store, because three of my products are offered to you for FREE(!!!) In an effort to introduce you to my work. Until next month! 

-- Beezy -- 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I lived in the Netherlands and only taught some Sunday School there, but I can relate to what you are saying. So interesting!


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