Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ducks in the pond, a book & boogie!

By Laura Eldredge

In a post from October, I talked about how linking a story with a music and movement activity can enhance early literacy development in young children.  I introduced our "Book & Boogie" videos, where we bring together story themes with a music and movement dance - and break down some choreographed movements that teachers and parents can use in classrooms or with playgroups.  This month, in time for Spring, here's a book-song-movement combination about ducks in the pond.

Story about Ducks
BOOK: "This Way Rubyby Jonathan Emmett

The story we chose for this theme is one of my favorites! "This Way Ruby" is an engaging story of a little duck named Ruby who likes to take things slowly, while her brothers and sisters like to run off in search of adventure.

This story lends itself to pause at times, pointing out all the things Ruby sees on the pond adventure she has with her siblings. Get the children involved in the story by having them call out “This way, Ruby!”

Music and Movement about Ducks

SONG:  "The Little White Duck", Miss Lisa, Over in the Meadow

This song describes a duck sitting on a pond, and the other pond creatures she encounters (a frog, bug, snake).  In the video, Tressa shows you some simple movements you can do with your group of children to reenact the song.

More online videos are available which provide story ideas, music choices and simple dance choreography can be found on our website, at www.bookandboogie.com.

Laura Eldredge is a teacher and curriculum coordinator at a NAEYC accredited early childhood program in Connecticut. She also co-founded the website The SEEDS Network, as a way to provide early childhood professionals with ideas and resources that support them in their quest to provide quality care and education to our youngest learners. She blogs at www.theseedsblog.com.


  1. I like this book as well as Ruby in Her Own Time, it was one that I read to my older daughters when we were discussing the development of my youngest daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. I love the concept of adding music to any learning activity so this is right up my alley! Thanks for the idea! http://twilsonismakingthemostoftoday.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! I will have to get a copy of "Ruby in Her Own Time", I think that is a wonderful way to use the Ruby story with your daughters.

  2. You might also like my recording, "Ducks Like Rain" on my H.U.M. - Highly Usable Music cd. I made 11" ducks on sticks that we waddle around with, quacking all the way! Check it out here: http://www.macaronisoup.com/songs/ducks-like-rain.htm
    Now I have to have Ruby!

    1. Very cute, Miss Carole, thanks for sharing! (Song does get stuck in your head, LOL!) Definitely another good song to go along with this book. Ruby is a great book - I highly recommend it. :-)


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