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Happy July 4th to everyone from my home country of the U.S. and welcome to all of you from other parts of our beautiful world.  For those of you who are new, I'm Enrique, Musician and Producer,  Founder and Director of Early Education of the F.A.M.E. Foundation.  My blog today is a vlog, a video blog.  It's an extension of my group "Living Like a Child" on Facebook.  Simply click and enjoy!

Bienvenido a todos mis amigos y colegas del mundo entero.  Para ustedes que son nuevos, soy Enrique, músico y director, el fundador y director de educación temprana del fundación F.A.M.E. (El fomento de Educación con Arte).  Hoy mi blog es un vlog, totalmente con video.  Este es un extensión de mi grupo en facebook "Viviendo como un Niño."  Aunque están hablando en español, los imagenes te dan mucho información!

PART I of III (1:39)

PART II of III (1:14)

PART III of III (4:57)

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  1. When I lived in the Netherlands, I could see children playing games outdoors that were certain to lead to math abilities later in life. I never see those games being played here, but there is much to be said for early learning helping later in life in areas we need to increase, such as math and engineering! Thanks so much, Carolyn


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