Sunday, March 11, 2012

March is a month filled with expectations of spring, basketball, St. Patrick's Day celebration, spring break travel, moving our clocks forward and lots of sunshine. 

Share the magic of the Leprechauns mixing and eating green foods such as green pudding............children can mix their own container of pudding in a plastic cut and you only need to add one drop of green food coloring. Cook, and add whip cream ..... enjoy.

At our center we turn the building upside down the day before our St. Patrick's Day parties. Lecrechauns are tricksters. Cut out small little feet approximately 2" long and tape them on the floor, walls, cabinets, windows and ceiling. Sprinkle glod glitter on the floor and when the children arrive tell them that the Leprechauns were dancing all around the school and they were looking for their pot of gold.

 Purchase a pot and fill it with gold foiled choclate discs (purchased at local stores) and hid the pot in your building. This is a great social event.

                                                                   Lucy Leprechaun

Lucy Leprechaun is a PEEPER puppet. Place a green glove on your hand with a set of PEEPER eyes and add green schrunchees to create a puppet. Use the puppet to lead the children as they sing...................

The Leprechauns are marching
Marching in the hall

They are marching on the ceiling
Marching on the wall

They are marching two by two
They are marching four by four

You say you cannot see them
Watch out here come some more!

SING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN Sing this little song as many times as it takes for all the chidlren to be in the two by two and four by four groups. It is a winner.

In the SPRING the wind BLOWS................blow
In the SPRING the SUN SHINES................raise arms to make sunshine
In the SPRING the THE RAIN FALLS...raise arms, bring fingers down
In the SPRING the BIRDS SING.....flap arms and whistle
In the SPRING the BUTTERFLIES FLUTTER...cross thumbs, fingers wiggle
In the SPRING KITES FLY....two fingers up, pointer

Enjoy your SPRING adventures and don't for get to SPRING is the day to be on fast time.

Mary Jo Huff,,


  1. Looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

  2. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day - and your activities sound like so much fun! The decorations and marching leprechauns are too cute! I pinned your post to the collaborative St. Patrick's Day board at Deb @


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