Friday, March 16, 2012

10 Carrot Music!

Can YOU stick your toe to your nose?
     10 Carrot Music: 
“Sing Sticky Bubble Gum Again Please, Miss Carole!”

Why do kids like a particular song, and could it be good for them, too?  Let’s talk about what makes a song developmentally appropriate in Early Childhood.  Is it the catchy tune?  
                         Is it the driving rock beat? 
                              Is it the silly words? 
It is, but it can be so much more!  In over 20 years of teaching young children, I’ve come up with my own definition of DEVELOPMENTALLY    
·         It uses skills the child has mastered.
·         It allows a child to practice skills they need to acquire or refine.
·         It extends physical, emotional and/or intellectual vocabulary.
·         It uses concepts the child has experience with or introduces new ones.
·         It taps into the child’s imagination and sense of adventure.
·         It encourages the child to be expressive – emotionally, physically and vocally.
·         It encourages appropriate social interaction and spatial awareness.

Let's DANCE!
    YES – music works hard, yet it is so easy and natural for a child to be musical!  ALL children benefit from daily exposure to music.  They don’t have to be singing their letters, though what better way to learn the alphabet.  They don’t have to do conjugate verbs to the “Twinkle Twinkle” tune.  Yet as children sing and move with music, they increase cognitive skills, practice early literacy skills such as rhyme, pattern, sequence, alliteration and vocabulary.  Physically they are building and stretching their bodies with each dance, gaining strength, balance and equilibrium.
     Active participation in music also promotes self-control and self-sufficiency.


So, let’s go out there and sing up a storm, kick up our heels and fire up our brains!  Have a “carrot” on me – it’s good for you and the children you love!

THE WIGGLE SONG – hear it as The Song of the Month at Macaroni Soup! 
 OR – put these lyrics to “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and start singing right now!

My hands are starting to wiggle
My hands are starting to wiggle
My hands are starting to wiggle
Around and around and around.

(keep singing – wiggle your feet, hips, head and then let loose with “all of me is a-wiggle!”  Turn around with your hands in the air each time you sing "around and around and around!)

Yours for a Song!
"Miss Carole"


  1. Carole, I love the wiggle song! I HAVE to teach it to my nephew! He will LOVE it too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You have such fun songs, Carole ... LOVE them! I pinned your post to the collaborative Get Kids Moving board at Deb @

  3. WOAH! I KNOW these kids!! Carol came to our center!! Can't believe I found this post on pinterest...

    For Love of Cupcakes

    1. I had a great day at your center, Jamie! And you can tell from the looks on their faces, the kids had a fun time, too! Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Deb and Carie! And a BIG thanks for passing it on!
    I just spent 2 days singing and dancing with teachers in Massachusetts - YOW, so rewarding!


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