Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Valentine Story

                              Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a rhyming children's story I have written for:

The story should be 214 words or less, on the subject of guilt! Here it is:

OK, OK, I Did It! 

      (212 Words)

Yes, OK, I did it.
I'm willing to admit it.

You didn’t have to ask.
I’ll relieve you of that task.

You saw the broken vase,
and I saw your angry face.

I wanted to go hide.
I got scared and even cried.

But then I heard that voice,
that reminds me of my choice.

You know what you should do,
said the voice both loud and true.

You’ve got to stand up tall.
Step right up and take the fall.

I argued and said no.
But the voice inside said go.

So here I am to say,
(though I’d rather run away):

My friend and I played ball,
in the dining room and hall.

I jumped and in a flash,
there was such a great big crash!

The vase was on the floor,
all in pieces, nothing more.

But now I hear you say,
I was playing. It’s OK?  

You’re proud I didn’t lie,
and I looked you in the eye?

That little voice inside, 
is a pretty helpful guide.

I know to say what’s true.
It’s just really hard to do!

I also want to say,
on this hearts and flowers day:

For everything you do,
I’m so grateful, Mom, for you.

You’re best in every way.
Happy Valentine’s today!

Keep on dancin',




  1. What a great message! Definitely feel the guilt your MC has!

  2. This was sweet. It is hard to fess up, but moms always forgive. Nice job!


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