Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Story and Dance Activity


Here is a lively holiday activity for you!  I have written a story about a little snowflake, and I have also created a movement activity for children three to six years old to go along with the story.

I hope you enjoy reading Sparkle the Snowflake, and then dancing the story with your little ones!

Sparkle the Snowflake

by Connie Bergstein Dow

Everyone knows that no two snowflakes are alike, but Sparkle was extra special.  She shone and shimmered a little brighter than all of the other snowflakes that lived in her cluster of clouds.

Sparkle and her snowflake friends had an important job to do.  They were to fall to earth on Christmas Eve. They would cover the hills and trees, and especially the rooftops of the houses, so that Santa and his reindeer would leave their footprints on the rooftops for children to see on Christmas morning.

The snowflakes were busy the day before Christmas.  They carefully planned their journey from the clouds. They practiced floating and staying together so they could create a beautiful snowfall that evening. 

Sparkle and all of the other snowflakes snuggled deep into the billowy clouds to get some rest before the busy night.  Soon, Sparkle woke up and looked around in alarm.  It was almost midnight!  “Wake up!” Sparkle called. Then she soared from cloud to cloud, making sure that every snowflake was ready.

Just in the nick of time, they slipped from the puffy clouds and began to twirl and dance in the chilly night air.  The snowflakes landed gently, and waited silently.  When the sun peeked over the hill, the snowflakes heard children laughing as they ran from their houses and saw the glistening snow.  Little did the children know that the snow that had greeted them this Christmas morning was all thanks to Sparkle, the shiny little snowflake.     

Here is a lively and playful creative movement activity for 3-6-year-olds 

*If available, play some holiday or other music for background as the children dance. 

*Optional props: "snowflakes" --  shower scrubbies or netting strips tied together

Dance the Story of Sparkle the Snowflake

Imagine you are a little snowflake.  What shape are you?  Now try a different one. And now one more.  Which do you like best?

Now think of what it would be like to practice your snowfall,  floating softly through the sky.

Snuggle deep into your cloud.  Pretend to drift off to sleep, thinking of something you like about the holidays, and imagine your are dreaming.  Wake up quickly, sit up, and show what your face looks like when you think you have overslept. Hop out of your billowy cloud as fast as you can!

Soar from cloud to cloud, waking up all of your snowflake friends. Now, imagine you are ready to fall to the ground.  Slip out of your cloud.  Dance in the cold night air!  Twirl, swirl, tumble slowly and quickly, get blown by the wind from side to side, up and down, around and around. Finally, you float gently to the ground.

Now imagine you are one of the children in the story.  Run out of your house, see the snow, and jump up and down.  Play in the snow! 

Have an imaginary snowball fight!  (Use optional snowflake props here). Make footprints in the snow.  Now, imagine you are sledding down a steep hill.  Fall out of your sled at the bottom of the hill and land in the soft snow.

 Roll snowballs and make a giant snow person.  What does it look like?  Now, imagine you are the snow person.  Make yourself into a snow person shape.  Uh-oh -- the sun comes out!  What happens?  Slowly melt to the ground.

The activity ends with a free dance to music.  Prompt the children to dance about ideas from the Sparkle the Snowflake story, the imaginary playtime in the snow, and anything else they like about winter. Use the props again if you have them.  Ask the children to throw them up in the air all together at the end of the dance to make a "blizzard."

Keep on dancin', and enjoy the holidays,





  1. I love that Sparkle was the organizer! Thanks to her, the children enjoyed their Christmas snow! Best of luck!

  2. I never suspected that snowflakes organized their flights. This was fun!

  3. I love that you tied your lovely story into a children's activity. I can visualize the dancing too. 💜

  4. A fun story and activity that my littles will love, thanks for sharing!

  5. Poor snowflakes need an alarm clock. Good job, Sparkle! And good luck in the contest!

  6. What great fun, Connie. And I love your activities and dance routines. You created a unique story and a unique hero...well done!
    I used to teach kindergarten and Head Start...I love what you are all about!

  7. Great story! I am definitely doing the dance activity with my kids. They will love pretending to be Sparkle

  8. Love it. What a fun idea to write a story about a snowflake hero!

  9. Cool how Sparkle organized everything, and cool that you have a unique dance activity to accommodate the story. Well done!

  10. Sparkle is so sweet. A snowflake saves the day. Love that you came up with a movement activity to go with it. Good luck.

  11. A snowflake as a main character is unique and that she's Christmas snow makes her even more magical! Love the dance activity at the end, great idea!

  12. What a lovely, child-friendly, holiday hero story, Connie! So nicely written! And I love that you added the dance activity as well - what a wonderful bonus for your readers! My favorite parts were the description of how the snowfall would allow for the footprints, and how the snowflakes practiced together so they could create a lovely snowfall. Nice job! Thanks for joining in the Holiday fun!

  13. How fun to incorporate a dance with your story. Little kids will love this.

  14. I love that ypu've included a dance activity with this sweet story.


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