Sunday, July 23, 2017

Changable Sign Posts

It's Scott from Brick by Brick. I love to repurpose materials—use materials in ways different from their intended purpose. 

This particular idea came from my wife. (Did I marry the right person or what?) I came into the room one day and found these.

Sign posts for our the blocks center! When we've used our logos before, we've taped them to blocks or cardboard tubes. That still works great. But Cindy wanted something else.

She got plastic lids, wide craft sticks, and clothespins. She made a slit in the lid and inserted the craft stick. Using hot glue, she secured the stick and then glued the clothespin to the other end of the stick. Presto! Sign posts that can be changed as we see fit.

Our boys really enjoyed using these signs. They built and incorporated the signs in their construction. They read the signs, at least some of them. 

They added them to what they built. Then they built specific structures for the signs. (And sometimes they built and ignored the signs. That's okay, too!)

I think these sign posts could be really useful in other ways. In addition to using them for street signs or other block play, here are some ideas I had.
  • Clip on words cards for kids to read or write or spell with letter tiles.
  • Clip on letters for kids to rearrange to spell their names.
  • Add cards with numbers and kids could count out quantities. 
  • Clip on sorting categories and kids could place items or pictures under the appropriate signs.
  • Add statements or key words in different centers or other activities.
  • Clip on instructions for a recipe or science experiment.
  • Use name cards for place settings or other dramatic play in the home center.
I love repurpose ideas and these are a great addition to our collection of resources. Thanks, Cindy!!

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