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Feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves is an important part of life.  We accomplish this through family, friends, church, community and country.  When children feel that they ‘belong’, it helps to define a purpose in life.  

Even the US Army knows that music is the BEST way to teach anything, including Patriotism, which is why songs and marching music are a big part of any military group!

Studies have shown that children who feel connected are less disconnected when they reach the teen years.
During this time of year, instill patriotism in children, a pride in their country.  
Memorial Day in May
Flag Day in June
Fourth of July
Patriotism helps us feel connected to other Americans.  This connection is important during times of need, such as those we face with the floods, tornadoes or fires.   When we see other Americans as part of our extended ‘family, we care enough then to reach out and help. 
There are many cute, patriotic songs children can sing.  It isn’t important they understand completely, but it is important to put the concept there.

Read a book about the flag and let children make flags.

May I suggest Debbie Clement's book?  Red, White & Blue   

Song suggestions:
 “I Wave My Flag”  video
Songs At My Fingertips/Music with Mar.
  song "I Wave My FLag"
            “Proud to Be An American”                Music with Mar.
            “My Country ‘tis of Thee”
Some have set the Pledge of Allegiance to music, including me.  Let children march and sing.  It is interesting what they "think" the words are.  (***Children before the age of 6 should not be forced to rote memorize lyrics.  It should happen through repetition and fun involvement.)

Enjoy.  And, please, send me our ideas.  Sharing is good :)

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